WordPress 2.8 First Impression

Wordpress LogoThis morning I downloaded WordPress 2.8 from WordPress.org, which size is 2.23 Mb in a .zip file (6.84 Mb unzipped). I actually had downloaded WordPress 2.7 in the past, though I never had any chance to try it until now. A few hours ago, I installed the version 2.8 in a free (sub)domain for the first time, to learn its features.

After successfully installed it, posted a few posts, checked its menus, I started to feel that it seems like a beta version. There were some dis-functional features here and there.

For example, there was this feature “Search for Themes”, which function is to find new templates to use, I suppose. But whenever I use it, error message says hi.

In the page “General Settings”, I also could not find any save button, while it exists in another setting pages. So I could change everything inside the general settings, but I was unable to save it. It was a new concept of settings for me :D

Also in the same “general settings”, there was this “Time Standards” setting next to a drop-down box (as its the options). But strangely, there was nothing inside the drop down box. So I was free to choose the time standard out of nothing. It was a difficult choice for me :D

"Upload Themes" feature also seemed broken, I could never upload any templates (in .zip file). It stopped with an error message in connection information page all the time, though I had filled the correct information there. To add new themes I had to manually upload it to the domain storage using FileZilla (FTP software), and the same connection information worked there.

However, as an experienced blogger platform users, I find that WordPress have an impressive point as a publishing platform (which blogger doesn't have). It can make a website / blog totally autonomous, never need any other website to work. For example: if you have a WordPress blog, you just need to visit it (using common browsers like IE or Mozilla Firefox), login there (there is this login link), write some posts there, and finally publish them in the same site. So, you can do everything on the same site. Quite impressive for me.

Blogspot and Blogger websites / blogs always need blogger.com to work (write posts, edit settings, etc). Though Blogger Navbar (Navigation Bar) gives you access to login directly from Blogspot domains, but the authentication process itself requires blogger.com to work. And writing new posts (including posting by email) critically needs blogger.com .

By the way, I am not experienced in using WordPress yet. Perhaps I will try the version 2.7 to compare, or reinstall the version 2.8 just in case, or check the online documentations later. If you use WordPress, feel free to discuss about it here in the comments section. Catch ya later!