Need Web Design Service? Check Headland

Web Design ImageYou don’t have to be a good web designer to have a well designed website, you know. What you need is a good web design company, critical point in establishing your internet business. You should not rush in the process and make sure you have carefully learned the features of each company before deciding which one to use. Rushing can lead to regret in future, and you don’t want that, do you? Therefore, it is wise to have more references about these companies, if you plan to run a new site.

Headland is a website design company that has offices in Leeds and Nottingham. Their team of creative designers has been adding values to many leading UK brands. They have also been working with a wide range of clients over a number of sectors from Financial Services to Ecommerce, Consumer, to Business.

Their design service uses the latest version of the Ektron CMS for the latest developments in Web 2.0 and beyond with the latest .net technology delivering social networking, eSync and Pagebuilder. Ektron delivers out of the box and results in cost savings through innovation and rapid deployment. To be more specific, the development platform for Content Management is Ektron This CMS is excellent value for money for SMEs to full enterprise level.

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