How To Increase PageRank

Pagerank Algorithm ImageDo you want to increase your pagerank? Do you want to know how you can increase your pagerank? Increasing your pagerank is much easier than understanding its algorithm, my friend. Read on, I will explain it in the simplest way I can.

As an introduction (just in case), pagerank represents the importance of a website in the vast internet, where a higher pagerank means better importance. Pagerank, which are scaled from 0 to 10, becomes interesting when involves traffic, those with more ranks will win more traffic from search engines.

Before starting, you should know that pagerank is updated once in 3 months. Therefore, you should not expect any changes soon after you start working on it. Meanwhile, you can try to know it first (What is PageRank), then try understand a bit of its pattern (Algorithm of PageRank).

I know you are too busy for that, so in summary of its algorithm, dofollow inbound links (backlinks) are the most critical aspect in determining your pagerank. Dofollow means that your link will be crawled by the bots / spiders of search engines, nofollow is the contrary, and both are set using anchor text attributes. Also, more ‘important’ (high ranked) website votes more. If all your pages are linked (dofollow) each other perfectly, you already get a pagerank of 1. Those are the main points.

So, here are some methods that can build your pagerank, starting from the free ones:

1. Internal DoFollow Linking

Good dofollow linking (internal site navigation) inside your website will be helpful in increasing your pagerank, though it can only reach a pagerank of 1 without external links. It can be easily done using an archive link / widget that is located in your sidebar, or a sitemap. It will render all your posts / pages connected each other handsomely, since your sidebar / sitemap goes to all your posts / pages.

2. Natural DoFollow Linking

When bloggers write something, they usually put some external links as an additional information for their readers. The links inside posts are usually dofollow, unless the bloggers specifically and manually defines nofollow attributes.

Here is how you can apply it: first you need to write good contents. If then people read and get impressed, there is a good chance that they will put your links in their own website / articles without asked (as additional resources). It gains you more dofollow inbound links, gives you more votes, and you grows your pagerank.

More great (not just good) contents means more chance of getting natural dofollow backlinks.

3. Blog Carnivals

Blog carnivals are blog posts containing submitted links of articles in a certain topics. is a gateway for writers / bloggers and carnival hosts to interact. Writers submit their articles to the hosts through the website. Afterward, the hosts choose the articles they like and provide the links inside the carnivals, which are located on the hosts' websites.

Carnival hosts usually give dofollow links, because it is too much work to add nofollow attributes to each of the links, especially when there are lots of submission. If your articles are accepted, your dofollow backlinks increase in number. The hosts vote for your pagerank, so it shall rises.

4. DoFollow Link Exchange

Link exchange between sites / blogs is a common thing in the blogosphere / internet. If you have some friends that have websites or blogs, you can ask for dofollow link exchanges. When you can get more of this exchanges, you will earn more votes. Thus your pagerank will increase, very simple.

Getting some dofollow link exchanges with quality sites (higher ranked and relevant) are even better.

5. DoFollow Reviews

Asking bloggers to write reviews / advertorial about your site (with your dofollow backlinks inside them) will also help building your pagerank. Some reviewing services gives you dofollow links by default, while in some others, you need to manually state that you require dofollow links in the reviews.

You will need to spend some funds for this method, which is best for products and services.

6. DoFollow Text Link Ads

There are alot of websites that provide services in text link ads. Some of them provide dofollow text link ads, which can help you in bulding your pagerank. These type of ads will make the websites (where they are located) vote for your site and increase your pagerank.

Text link ads are usually not free.

Discussion and Questions - Answers:

1. How high can my pagerank grow?

Common bloggers /online business persons can reach 2-5 of pagerank with some efforts. Super successful and famous bloggers (like Darren Rowse of and Brian Clark of can get 6-7 in scale. Social medias, like Twitter and Facebook, can obtain 8-9 in pagerank. Search engines, like Yahoo and Google, can get the ultimate 9-10.

If a blogger wants a pagerank of 8, he's dreaming.

2. Can leaving comments in other blogs / websites increase my pagerank?

Only if the blogs are dofollow, which means they allow search engine bots/ spiders to crawl your links inside the comments sections. Most blogs in the net are nofollow in their comments section to avoid abuse and spam. Leaving comments will increase your link popularity, but not pagerank. You need dofollow backlinks to increase your pagerank.

3. Can social medias increase my pagerank?

No, they cannot. All social medias automatically add nofollow attributes to all links inside them. Same with commenting, it will gain your link popularity but not pagerank.

4. Black Hat pagerank building may work, why don't you mention it here?

Search engines actively fight black hat pagerank building (like keywords spamming, hidden link, etc), because they want to ensure that high ranked sites are really valuable to online society, not just because they can hack things using their techie knowledge.

It's like getting money, you can get money from providing satisfying services to others, or by robbing or stealing from others. Both give you money, just which methods you want to use. Natural and black hat methods can increase pagerank, your purpose defines which one you will choose.

Besides, using black hat methods can result in ban or penalty from search engines.

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OK, that’s all folks. Feel free to try and don't hesitate to let me know if I missed something.