5 Reasons Why You Should Use Blog Carnival To Gain Traffic

Most bloggers / online businessmen always need a good method to promote their sites, yet only a few of them who know blog carnivals well and effectively use it. This article will explain why you should use the carnivals to get more traffic, and how. The famous Steve Pavlina stated that his website grew up to 50,000 visitors a month using only blog carnivals. Would you like to know more?

What is Blog Carnival?

Blog carnivals are online carnivals where writers present their best articles and fans of the topics read them. Some people occasionally host carnivals on certain topic / theme in their website, and writers submit their articles trying to join the carnivals. The hosts choose which ones to include in the particular edition.

The bridge between carnival hosts and writers is Blog Carnival, which officially states that blog carnivals are a great way for bloggers to recognize each other's efforts, organize blog posts around important topics, and improve the overall level of conversation in the blogosphere. Carnivals come in edited "editions", just like magazines or journals. The fact that carnivals are edited (and usually annotated) collections of links lets them serve as "magazines" within the blogosphere, and carnival hosts can earn their readership by providing high quality collections.

Since blog carnivals include lots of posts on specific topics, they also serve as a place to connect with those who are expert (or at least highly opinionated!) and those who are interested in that field.”

Here's some additional note: Blog Carnival do not host any carnivals, instead they provide a forum/medium where carnivals hosts meet their submitters. The carnivals is held in each hosts own websites/blogs.

Pretty clear, right? In English: Blog Carnivals is a free yet great way to make traffic! So you better use them. WHY?? Here are the reasons:

1. It’s free

When we are using a service, we used to compare between what it gains and how much it costs. In blog carnival, you can’t beat the price: Free! Yet their service in carnival submissions and editions is a very decent one.

2. It’s easy

To submit your post on a carnival, you don’t need to register anything. Just visit the website, find a carnival that you want to participate, fill the submission form, and submit it. And that’s it.

If you want to try, here is my favorite page, which contains the list of all carnivals with their next edition sorted by the date. If you want to know how a submission form look like click here

3. It’s a great way to make traffic

How it works? After the hosts of the carnivals receive your submissions, they will of course check your posts. If they find it relevant and good enough, you will find your submitted posts on the particular carnivals. Thus, providing some links to your posts and websites. You'll get a pile of traffic if your post is interesting, good, and useful for others. Well, at least the host will visit your post to inspect it :D

The carnivals will drive some visitors to your website, but their "coming back" and "coming back bringing their friends" are totally depending on your contents. If you can provide genuine value, they will surely keep coming back bringing their friends, and surely you'll achieve success in hosting your website, earning money much beyond your wallet's storage :D

However, it's not easy to do it. You need skill, knowledge, and experience. It's definitely not easy but you can definitely get them, if you really want, for details check my post 2 Requirements of Definite Success. Also, since you're reading this traffic related post which make me assume that you're in website hosting business, I invite you to check the external articles that had changed my life in the "Life Changing Articles" to the left sidebar, believe me, I won' put them there if they're not that good.

4. You can host your own carnival

Yes, you can. You need to register first for this, don’t worry, it’s free, now your wallet can smile and relieve. It’s also fast and simple, if there is no problem with your internet connection, it should take less than 5 minutes to set up your new account.

Once you are registered, you can visit the website, sign in, and add your own carnival. You can add up to 4 carnivals in total, with your own rules and editions in each. Blog Carnival will send you emails about people's submissions on your particular carnivals. You can choose which one to upload in the carnivals in your websites.

Hosting a carnival will also gain you some traffic too, since your website will be increasingly well known, at least to those submitters. When my posts are included in some carnivals, I also check others' posts too, if one of them is interesting enough for me, I will read it. If you want to see Isaac Yassar's Overture participation in carnivals up to now, click here.

At this moment, I host a carnival titled “Isaac Yassar’s Self Development Carnival”. I believe that you know what it's all about, so you have a good post about it, click here to submit to the next edition of the carnival.

5. There are plenty of carnivals in plenty of topics

If you write a blog on weird stuff that no one will ever think to read it but you, don't worry, there's even some carnivals for you. Just look for the carnivals that you feel like it, check their rules, find which one that you can participate, and then submit.

Relax, some hosts are also known to be very very kind that they include every post submitted to their carnivals, no matter what they contains.

Check this one, the host is really kind that he allows some posts about prom date, space tourism, and pregnancy to join the section SEM/SEO (Search Engine Modification/Optimization) in the Generating Website Traffic Carnival #11. What a kind person, he also has a magnificent taste of humor :D

Submission Tips:

Don't spam the carnivals by submitting irrelevant posts. Submit only to the relevant carnivals. If your post is indirectly relevant, it's OK to submit it, since the host still can consider to include it or not. Remember that each submission will be manually checked by human host, if they feel spammed, they can hit you back, since they got your email. And always respect the hosts' rules, you won't get respected unless you respect others.

Write nice remarks in the submission form, which function as a promotion/description to attract carnivals visitors to read your posts, or at least to make the hosts curious about your posts. Don't try to explain what your posts is about, that's ancient, instead, give the visitors absolute reasons to read yours! Don't forget to try to make it interesting, attracting curiosity, philosophical, and sounds good. So instead of making title like "Parent", try to make title like "Are you a good parent?". To create great remarks, there is only one methods: feel them!

OK I believe that's enough reasons for you to use Blog Carnival for the rest of your life, if you haven't. So what are you waiting for?? Hurry, visit Blog Carnival at once! Go get yourself some fame! :D