Why You Should Never Get A Part Time Job

A few days ago, a friend of mine explained that a few years ago, she was to take a part time job. She was 99% accepted and was about to start her new part-time job, when she felt the she's underpaid. Therefore, she canceled the job.

I told her that she was right to leave the job, as the wage was ridiculous, more like an insult than a wage. Can you imagine being paid less then $3 for and an 8 hours shift? Outrageous. Taking the part-time job would be a pity, since she was a college student with plenty of potential. She deserved a decent future, not just such time wasting part-time manual labor. You shouldn't get a part-time job either, why?

You see it the wrong way

Let me ask you something, if you are to get a part time job, what is your reason, more money, more experience, killing time, or else? Then let me ask you, what's wrong with your regular job/business, can't generate good amount of money?

If you feel that your regular job/business can't generate you enough amount of money, then you think you need a part-time job to earn more money, you're using the absolutely MISLEADING point of view.

You should think why your regular job/business does not generate you satisfying income. Therefore, you'll know that you need to do something about it, something that will enhance your regular job/business to generate you more money.

Don't say that there's nothing you can do about it, that it's the best job/business you could possibly have, and you can't get a better one. That's not a valid excuse. Let me tell you something: you can't make it earns better (or you can't get a better job/business) because you are NOT good enough to do it.

Yes, I mean it literally. Let's talk it this way, if I'm taxi driver and have been driving for one year, but somehow I always hit another vehicles once a month. Then I feel that my income from driving taxi is not enough, so I want more money. Then can I be a limousine driver? Am I good enough for it? Of course not, there's something wrong with my driving skill. That's the same, I can't get a better job because I am not that good.

What you need to do is improving yourself, so you can make your regular job/business gives you more income, or you can get a new job/business with more profit. Thinking to get a part time job is a dummy idea, though most people will do it. That's exactly why there are only a few people who achieve shining level of success, because they are not common, they are special.

You won't earn as much as you should

If you want more money from that part-time job, then I shall inform you bad news. You wont be satisfied with it, if you are aware enough. How come? Because you can actually make much more income than everything you can possibly earn from a part-time job.

Most part-time jobs definitely will not give you adequate income, why? Because it's part-time! If you do it full time, certainly you'll get more income. But you have already a regular/full time job/business, right? That's why I told you not to get a part-time job.

Also, do you have any idea why they open part-time vacancies? Because they are not willing to pay you much! And they want someone they can easily fire. So if you plan to get decent income from part time jobs, you're not planning, you are dreaming.

Here's a quiz: if you have a regular job/business which earn you $2,000 a month, and you want a satisfying monthly income of $3,000, will you get a part time job that give you $1,000 a month? If yes, I'm sorry that I have to be honest here: you're LAME! Here is what a smart person will do: find a way to make the regular job/business earns $4,000 a month, and use the spare time to enjoy life. How about it? Be smart, and money will follow your very track.

Here is the right methods to make more income: improve yourself, gain yourself the ability to make your regular job/business earns you better. Then you can use your spare time for something else, such as having quality times with your family, friends, hobbies, etc.

And for god's sake you're a free men! So don't make yourself a slave of money. You need money, but life's not only about money. Money is only a tool to reach something else, such as happiness. Moreover, there are plenty valuable things (not goods) that you can't buy with money. You can't buy happiness with money. You can't buy a loyal wife with money. If you can, you're not buying a wife, you're buying a whore.

You can't buy your life's precious moments and memories with money. But you can easily lost them (or never have them), if you trade them for money. Sell all of your spare time for money, and you'll have no more time left for those beautiful moments and memories.

I'm sure you are no slave of money. To check it, ask yourself: do you want to sell your heart and brain for incredible amount of money, then die? If not, you're normal.

Misplaced improvement of experience, skill, knowledge, etc

If you want to gain more experience, skills, knowledge, etc by getting a part-time job, that's definitely wrong, useless, and stupid. Why?

When you work part-time, the experience, skill, and knowledge that you can possibly gain are only the ones that related directly to the specific job. So if you have gain a mountain of them, so what? Best part-timer in the world? Let me tell you something: best part-timer in the world earns nothing compared to best full-timer in the world. Do you expect to earn more than Bill Gates by doing part-time jobs? Wake up!

Let me give you a better option: go get yourself a full time job/business, use your spare time to hone yourself new skill, experience, and knowledge by every means you can find. If you ask me, I prefer to establish my own business, since my every gaining of extra skill, experience, and knowledge will surely influence my earning positively, not others'.

Do you get the point? If you have your own business, and you gain some skill, knowledge, and experience, it will directly affect your own success positively, and your income/profit of course. If you work part-time, and you gain skill, experience, and knowledge, what will happen? Your boss will be happy with you, but sorry, it's not enough to increase your salary, you have to beg more.

Part-time business is acceptable

The term part-time job and business are distinctly different. In part-time job, you work for someone else, while in part-time business you employ yourself. That makes part-time business is better, as your success is currently in progress. Unlike the part-time job, where you do the manual labor, others' success is in progress. But of course full time business is the best. Do you think you can find Windows XP now if Bill Gates only try to develop it only as his part-time job?

It's OK to learn running your own business part-time, since may be you have another activity that is inevitable, such as if you are still studying in university or something else. However once you can, pledge your full-time loyalty there, since focus, concentration, and seriousness is the key to step forward. Just like when you learn how to swim, putting only half your body in the water won't make you a good swimmer.

The importance of self development

Quality costs. The more skills a worker has, the more company will pay his/her salary. If your salary/income is not satisfying, you will ask (or beg) your boss to increases your salary. I bet you never ask yourself whether you deserve to be paid more or not. If you have obtained more quality, you deserve. If your quality is the same, you're lame.

If now you realize that you need to get better before earn better, you're on the right track to success. The next, money will loyally follow you. It also applies in running your own business. The more capable you are, the more smoothly it will run, attracting more and more profit.

However most people have fallen to a misleading mindset of making money fast. That MLM (multilevel marketing) like mindset is total scam. People who want more money without giving useful value to others is pathetic. Yes, I'm saying that most MLM are scam, but not all. Those money slaves' heads are full of question like "How do I get money?" and "How do I get money fast?". They never care whether they deserve the money or not. They just want money and that's all. That's nonsense and really really really pathetic. Ah I'm starting to babble around, I'll continue it in another post about MLM. Let's back to topic, shall we? So the truth about easy money is that they are easy to come and easy to go, why? Because we don't posses the ability to keep it, yet.

If all my babbling sermon above do not stop you from getting a part-time job. Check this out: the famous futurologist Steve Pavlina wrote a great article titled 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Get A Job. It's not directly related to part-time job, but more to overall jobs (where you work for bosses and masters). With adequate adaptation, you can also consider those reasons before taking a part-time job. Good day.