4 Habits Of Disease Immunity

We need to keep healthy, since no one wants to be sick. Getting ill will make us suffer, physically, psychologically, and financially. Our body will taste the joy of pain. Our gray matter will be hard to focus on something. And if we need to go to see a doctor and drink some medicine, your wallet will cry out loud. Our daily activity or business will engulf in the influence too. Your productivity will be significantly less, so is your income. If you are lucky to taste some critical diseases like heart attack, you better clean your hand, since you may knock on heaven's door soon :D

God is just, as He created viruses and diseases, He also gave human a nice immune system. This defensive tool is incredibly strong, actually. But most people's immune system is not as strong as it should be, since they keep harming themselves by reducing their physical condition, such as smoking, drinking coffee, getting drunk, eating junk food, over eating , under eating, sleeping late, etc. That is people, they know it's bad, but they still do it anyway :D

Luckily, there are 4 habits that can repel any disease, even cancer. How come? Because these four enhance human's immune system into its maximum strength.With its full power, this shield system will neutralize any hostile intruders in our body. No disease possess the ability of breaking through, once the ultimate defense is obtained. I'm sure these four are familiar to your ear, but may be not to familiar to your daily actions, here they are:

1. Eating Healthy Food

Our food should contain enough nutrition that is needed by our body. Food is the fuel which supply our body with energy and nutrition. We need carbohydrate, proteins, fat, vitamins, water, etc to make our body regulates well. However over or under supplying the energy is absolutely not a good idea. Over eating will cause fat and obesity, which is the possible cause of heart attacks. While under eating will prevent our body from working effectively, as the energy that is needed for it is missing or incomplete.

We should avoid chemical food flavorers, preservatives, and colorers, which commonly found in junk food. It's true that these food additives can make our food tastier, last longer, and look better, but these dangerous chemicals can possibly cause cancer and many other critical diseases. They do not cause it directly, but cumulatively. When you eat one now, 10 or 20 years later you will probably get a cancer. They are very dangerous, avoid them as far away as you can.

We also need fibers to clean our system of digesting. Organic food provide them well. That's why our parents told us to eat vegetables. These fibers can also prevent constipation to occur. Vegetarian / raw type of diet is also known to offer the best fibers one can have. If prepared well, these meals are as interesting and delicious as any other food. However raw diet tends to be more difficult in the preparation.

I know you got an A in biology when you were at high school, so instead of giving more explanation I will tell you my best friend's bad experience to scare you off eating unhealthy food. His name was Joe. Since he was a little boy, his mother told him not to eat instant noodles more than twice a week. When he went to another city to study in his college (which is the same like mine), he lived in a lodging house, meaning that there was no one to forbid him from eating everything he want. He often ate instant noodles, he knew they're bad, but they were very delicious for his tongue, he couldn't help it. I still remembered when he ate them three times a day, another times, he ate them at least once a day for some weeks. Until l in his second semester, he got cough, which had not cured for more than the next 6 months. It was even getting worse and worse. After taking some medical check ups, doctor diagnosed a mediastinum tumor inside his chest, right between his lungs and heart. He had to be operated, and it was a dangerous one. He did not expect to survive it, though later on he did. He also then took some painful chemotherapy. He said to me that he would rather kill himself than experiencing all those sufferings again. I will never forget it, it was the worst time of my best friend's life. Now he has recovered 100% and live a healthy lifestyle. So in sum, I am reminding people to live a healthy life, by applying what they already know about health, to protect them from such sufferings.

2. Exercising Regularly

Instead of explaining this, which I know you already know. Let me tell you my real experience with physical exercise. When I was in my junior high school, I did not like any sport, so I rarely exercised. I notice that I was very easy to get fever and flu. Also, whenever I got scratch, it felt like it took forever to heal, very long. After I graduated and entered my senior high school, I liked to play football. Then I felt that my immune system was better, I resisted fever and flu better. Also, if I got scratch, it was healed quicker. Now I have my own soccer ball, every day I play football with some of my friends, and sometimes I just jugle it. I feel in my tip-top condition. I think it is more than 3 months from my last fever. I feel great!

However, you don't have to do physical exercise everyday. It can be twice a week, nine times a month, etc. Just adapt it with your situation and condition. The most important thing is to keep it as regular activity. Exercising everyday for a month then stop and do not exercise at all is not a good idea. Do not exercise at all is not better, it's worse :D

3. Enough Resting

We need to have enough sleep every day. After working all day long, our body need to rest in order to maintain it's function. Sleeping is the best yet natural methods of resting, providing excellent result in energy recovery. However, the quality of sleep is varied. The best quality of sleep is known to be the phase while we experience dreams.

Also, don't force yourself too hard on your daily activity, since our body has its own limit. Having heavy activities all day long will damage our health slowly. If it's not followed by a quality rest, then it's a disaster. The overall health quality will degrade constantly. The amount of rest that is needed by our body must be balanced with the energy that is used in the activities of the day, in order to retain its maximum potentiality.

4. Relaxing Our Mind

Think positively is needed, as we live in an imperfect world with imperfect things, there will always be bad sides of everything. Just like a coin, everything has two sides, good one and bad one. Positive thinkers tend to look at the good sides, while negative thinkers tend to look at the bad one, if they can't find it, they will look for it..When we face some event of happening in our daily routine, we can always choose to be positive or negative thinker, and of course the consequences are also ours. Thinking with the focus on the bad one tend to make our brain psychologically suffer. Thinking with the focus on the good side tends to make us feel better and comfortable. These psychological effects influence our physical performance, to maximize our immune system, always think positively.

Stress is an inevitable part of the life of modern society, it makes stress management becomes an important tool to keep ourselves healthy, both physically and psychologically. Stressed mind will affect the entire body's immune system, reducing it's effectiveness, resulting in the vulnerability of being attacked by viruses and other diseases.

Being anger all the time is definitely bad to our psychological health, that's why we need a good anger management. Though anger is a part of natural human life, it surely influences our physical health, since it renders us vulnerable to heart attack or stroke as it significantly increases our blood pressure. The more age we pass, the more risk we're taking. When you're about to get angry, remember your age first :D

In sum, if you haven't done any of this four habits, its fine. Doing one of these habits is already not easy, let alone all of them. What we need to do is to learn to make them our daily habits step by step, one step at a time, starting from the easiest first. The most important thing here is we must have the willingness to do something to keep our selves healthy. Many people are healthy, but only a few who are really care to keep them selves healthy. Good day.