2 Requirements Of Definite Success

People want fast success, and that's irrational. True success is not fast to achieve, it requires things. This article will explain the 2 requirements that you need to fulfill before you can reach it. I'm not saying that they are easy, but once you fulfill them, you will definitely achieve success, soon or later. I mean solid success, which is sustained by your own personal quality, no scam no tricks. Interested? Read on...

(Update Jan 12 2009) I have proven this requirements myself, and they worked. As they were original from my thoughts, they had become one with my idealism. I have been applying them time through time in my blogging activity, and in only one month, I have successfully grown my site from zero, up to 67 visitors and 85 page views daily, with total inbound links of more than 1300 (Jan 15, 2008: 1862 links), counted with Submit Express link popularity tool. So, I guess I'm on the right track here.

People wants things. They want to be happy in their life, successful, having good careers, earning decent income, experiencing harmonious family relationships, living in good houses, etc, you name it. And success is believed to be potentially fulfilling all those wishes. How about you? Do you want them too? If you say you don't, you lie :D

People have different interpretation on the definition of success. But Mr. Wiktionary says that success is the achievement of one's aim or goal. However, people doesn't seem to be taking what Mr. Wiktionary into consideration and still expecting different degree of success. A success for someone is not always a success for the others. You should know what you want from what you call success: money, fame, love, family, etc, since it will be much easier to earn your own "satisfying" achievements. Can you earn it? Yes you can!

However, not everyone has achieved success yet. Do you ever notice how many unemployment are there in our nation? Yes you're right, a lot. We can surely say that those people certainly have not achieve success yet. It's not because of they do not posses the potency to be successful, they just haven't got enough skills to be success. Everyone can be successful in every fields they want, if they have enough skills to earn it. But there are absolute requirements to master the skills, whereby if you fulfill them, I can guarantee your success. Yes, I GUARANTEE your success in everything you want. Here are the simple but inevitably absolute requirements:

1. Keep Improving Yourself

No matter what you do, you need to keep improving yourself. Develop your overall quality as a person. Develop the skills that are needed in doing your current job / business / profession / activity. If you are a newbie in something, but you keep getting better and better each day, slowly but surely you will be an expert. Correct me if I'm wrong :D

You can get significant improvements by learning through various devices and methods. You can read books, learn one or two things from your senior / friends, took formal course on particular matter, practice by yourself daily, etc. For example: when I start to write blogs, I have no idea about editing HTML codes at all. Then I buy a book about it, practice and took a course on it. Look at my site now, not too bad, isn't it? At least it's my original and custom design :D

However, none can be a hero from zero in a blink of eye, everything needs process. We need to learn step by step, one step at a time. wise word said that a thousands miles journey starts with a single step. It's considered better to make slow but constant improvements, rather than fast but discontinued ones. You don't have to keep improving everyday, it can be once a week, once a month, etc. Just adapt it with your situation. I'm glad you have some plans to improve yourself, just don't forget to apply them :D

2. Never Give Up

One thing I know for sure: there is no successful famous person who never taste the bitterness of failure. Let's mention: Bill Gates, Roman Abramovich, Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, up to Hugh Hefner faced failure once. Everybody fails sometimes. I can assure you that you will not achieve success unless you have experience failure before. Warren Buffett (the benchmark by which stock market success is defined) once bought a $38 stock and sold it at $40. Not long afterwards, it rose to $200! You need to be failed before you achieve success. Go get yourself some failures :D

Let me tell you something, a successful person can only be success because he/she has enough amount of skills and experience to achieve it. If you are not successful yet, it is only because you haven't got enough skills and experience to be success. Here is some good news: each failure teaches something. By facing each failure, our experience will increase, and at the same time, our skill will be reforged.

It is very very very important to analyze your failures. Think deeper and deeper on why you can be failed, what the cause is, what the better solution is, what the obstacles are, how you should do it, etc. No matter whether you are 18 or 64 years old, you can still learn something new if you really want. It's OK if you hate mathematics, just learn something you love, something you are passionate about. Everybody loves to learn something. even a robber will love to take a class on how to successfully rob a bank without being caught by police, am I right? :D

It is advised that you should be focused on your job / business / activity and not change it every time you face some failures. If you change your field, your previous skills and experience may become useless in the new field, as they're may be not relevant. It is better to change your field once you have achieved success, such as when you need more and new challenges.

So the point is never give up! You won't gain any success if you stop in the middle of your struggle. Face those failures, you need them to teach you one or two points at a time. Each failure will increase your experience and skills. And once you have got enough of them, you will be successful, I guarantee. Remember that giving up is the habit of losers. I hope there is no losers here, otherwise they might swear and curse me :D

Please think about Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of light bulb / lamp. How many times do you think he failed in creating a lamp? Some people says 2,000 times, others say 5,000 times, or even 10,000 times. Do you think he would be able to know the right method to create a bulb without experiencing those failure? No, he would not! He needed those failure, to teach him one or two things at a time. I'm so glad that Edison was a very stubborn n man :D

Never forget that the more failure you taste, the more success you'll get. How? Because the more failure you experience, the more knowledge and skills they teach you. If you can take up to 10,000 times of failures, probably you can do something that changes the life of mankind, like Edison with his lamp. Can you? :D

Please look at my site now. By the time I write this, I have been running this site for 20 days, yet I only got about 80 visitors. It is few, but I don't care. I'm not giving up, I know my skill and experience is not as abundant as other professional bloggers, so I will keep improving. Soon or later I will gain and gain experiences / skills / knowledge, once I have obtain enough amount of them, I will definitely earn success too. (Update Jan 10, 2009: right now, my site's traffic has grown up to 46 visits and 72 page views per day, not too bad for a month old site.)

Update Jan 1, 2009: At this moment, I have just read one of Steve Pavlina's great articles, titled How To Create Real Value, which is one of the best life-changing articles I've ever read. He mentioned that his first post was only a silly 3 paragraphs article. I've read it myself. But he said that writing such ridiculous posts was exactly the reason why he could write his best articles which delivers genuine value later, as he was learning by doing. His 27th post was the first one he felt confident with, as it was delivering value genuine enough. You can compare it with my first post. My 11th post, which is this post you are reading, is the first time I felt confident with my articles knowing that it may be really useful for someone, somewhere. So the point is the same, Steve Pavlina keeps improving himself and never give up, and that's exactly why he can be successful now. Actually I feel my first article is silly too, but at least it's much longer than Steve's :D

So, to sum things up, just fulfill the two requirements and I guarantee that you will be successful in everything you want, either soon or later and slowly but surely. No matter whether you are a worker, businessman, unemployment, writer, CEO, president, or whatever. The point is the same, once you feel comfortable in keeping up with the requirements, you will steadily improve and improve. And once you got what it takes, you will absolutely earn success. Have a nice day.