How Valuable You Are

OpeningA few hours ago I visited my best friend's blog. He had an interesting post which attracted my interest. It was about using free article which is provided by some websites to be re published in our blog. My first thought was that this idea was really interesting, as I could add many articles in my blog fast, without committing any plagiarism. This was a good method in increasing traffic. It was significantly easier and faster than creating my own article, which I usually spent about one or two day to create and edit one.

But as soon as I thought deeper on the matter, I came to a conclusion that it was not good enough. It was still better for me to write my own articles, though the topic may be highly familiar in the internet, and tons of articles had mentioned it. The reason was I would not develop my writing skill if I just copy and paste another article from somewhere else.

My article might be not as good as the available articles, but by each writing, I learned something new. My style of writing end expressing idea will also improved day by day. My skill of thinking and analyzing will also be reworked. The learning and improvement was more important for me, as they could affect the overall quality of myself which would surely influence my achievement in every field of my life.

Audience, in the vernacular, quality can mean a high degree of excellence (“a quality product”), a degree of excellence or the lack of it (“work of average quality”), or a property of something (“the addictive quality of alcohol”). Whether in ethics, value is a property of objects, including physical objects as well as abstract objects (e.g. actions), representing their degree of importance ( The term quality in this article is referred to self-quality / a high degree of self-excellence, and at the same time, the term value is referred to self-value / a property of a person / persons which represents their degree of importance. If you still found some ambiguity after reading this, then read it again and again until there is no more ambiguity :D

It is obvious that our self-quality determines our level of success in our life. The terms of success here does not merely refer on money and position, but also our happiness in life, no matter where it comes from. Whatever we do, wherever we do, our achievements depend on our selves. A skillful manager can easily climb upward into a company's top level management, right? He cannot do that if he does not posses a great self-quality of course. We must posses good skills if we are to survive in global competition. If you do not want to survive, why are you reading this? Go get drunk or something :D

Our quality is our value. The more quality we have, the more value we will get. If your shoes are badly damaged, their value is gone. And they surely end up in trash cans.This can also happened in our daily job/business. Once we lose our value or importance, we will be thrown away from competition, no matter whether we work for someone else or we do our own business. The more value we have the more appreciation we'll get. And of course, more money! :D

However our overall value does not merely depend on our quality in profession or job, but also on the quality of our socializing. As a human, we are social creatures who need to maintain a good relationships within society. That's why we need to master socializing skills both in our profession and daily life. Being successful businessman but at the same time having a broken down family is definitely not the purpose of our life. Having a lot of money without friends or colleague means having a dull unhappy life. Success in job without success in public and family relationships is useless. The level of our value is always influenced by other people, such as bosses, employees, customers, readers, friends, colleagues, rivals, etc. If we do not socialize well with them, who will think that we are valuable? Valuable to who? Our selves? That's why big companies have advanced Public Relation Team and plenty of advertisements to socialize with the rest of the world. Anti social human is animal.

We need to take measurement to improve our self quality in order to achieve more self-value. We need to keep learning important things in order to make ourself important. We also need to adapt with our surrounding, since the world is always changing. If we already good at something but we stopped there satisfied with our quality, soon or later we will be outdated and beaten in the competition. If a garage do not update their knowledge on recently released cars, they will suffer themselves, as their customer will leave them looking for a better garage somewhere else, right? Do not assume that survival of the fittest only happened in prehistoric age. Mankind are evolving. Life is evolving. The world is evolving. The options are only to evolve or extinct. Slow is not an option :D

Ironically, most people are not aware of the importance of self improvement. That is why we need to keep saying to ourselves that we need to do something to make us better. And if we already want to do something, then really do something. Don't just keep in on our mind, apply it! We must manually upgrade our consciousness in order to make our action balance with our mind. There is no bargain for this, none will be successful unless he/she keep improving. Sitting tight watching porn will not bring you anywhere :D

This points does not only apply to personals but also companies and business. Those which posses masterful quality will be considered valuable/important by society and customers. And if they keep improving themselves, of course they will be highly qualified for future competition. Survival of the fittest applies here too, especially during this global recession. Even big companies are falling down, like US automobile companies which asks for some bail out to the government, in case they can spare some of people's taxes for the companies. That's not a good idea. If this global recession strikes them hard, then there must be something wrong with them that they can easily be plunged into such panic manner. As you see, insane amounts of debt can be used to build insane level of company, but when economy is not stable, it cannot pay it's debt and fall into pieces. Do you think it's a healthy company? It is better to build a small but healthy company which stands on its own shoes, providing better resistance agains economic disaster. Perhaps, just perhaps, those automobile companies need to be replaced by better and healthier ones. Or better CEO, interested? :D

Last but not least, let's just ask our selves. Do we want to be better in everything we do? Will we do something about it? If our both answers is yes, soon or later we will be successful. Good day.