Playing Billiard With Friends

Last weekend, I spent some quality time with my friends playing billiard. There were four of us, spending the starry Saturday night. I had not played it since two or three years ago. I always like billiard, though I am not too good on it.

Unfortunately, the pool we were playing was not too good in term of quality. The cues looked old and the chairs were a bit dusty. The balls looked pale in their colors, I guess it was about time they should be replaced. Anyway, that is what you get from a cheap pool. Quality costs.

The last time I went there years before, it was in a better condition. Everything looked new and clean. I guess the management was not taking care of the equipments very carefully afterward. They should have kept the place clean and not dusty. Old equipments should be replaced with newer ones as well. Thus, they will satisfy their customers.

After coming back home, I wondered why the equipment was old and not replaced. “Are they quite expensive?” I thought. Then I tried to get some info about the prices of pool equipments on the internet. I connected my 3G modem and googled for the info I wanted.

Then among the search results, I clicked a link that leaded me to . It was a website that provides Pool Cue and billiard supplies. From there, I learned that billiard supplies were ranging from $19 up to $750, depending on the type and quality. Well, they were not too expensive, I believed.

Perhaps the management was just too lazy to change their equipments. I guess I just need to find another poo then.