My Friend's Garden Landscaping

One of my best friends, Adriane, had just finished landscaping her garden when she invited me to check the new look of her garden. In a warm sunny morning, I rode my bike to her place. Twenty minutes after, I arrived and got stunned. The bare garden in front of her house just had new grasses. She also had her mailbox replaced with a brand new one.

The new mailbox attracted my attention. I naturally like to pay attention on the details of a product and then commenting. When I was touching the tidy box, Adrianne, came out of her house and smiled to me.

I told her that I liked her new mailbox and asked where she got that. She answered that she got it from a website that sells Residential Mailboxes on the internet. Afterward she let me in and she got me a cup of iced coffee. We had a warm conversation for a couple of hours before I had to go home.

In home, I thought for a while and concluded that internet was becoming more and more important media time to time. People can buy things, like such mailboxes, directly from the internet without leaving their house. Technology now certainly has a critical role in human’s life.

I imagined what would happen if a mega-maximum EMP (electromagnetic pulse) bomb explode on earth and its shock wave cripples all electronic devices in earth. It will be annoying for sure :D