How To Build Technorati Rank

Your Technorati rank is based on the number of blog response you have. Blog response is the number of link you have from other blogs, which are registered in Technorati as well. If you want a better rank, here are three sure-fire methods you can use:

1. Blog Carnival

Submitting your posts to blog carnivals will gain your site more links. Carnival hosts are usually already registered in Technorati. Therefore, getting more links from them will get your blog response increased, thus your Technorati rank will grow as well.

2. Ask for favorite

First, favorite other blogs on Technorati. Then send the owners messages stating that you have favorite them and politely ask if they are willing to favorite you as well. The result of this method depends on the status of the owners you contacted. If they are trying to build their Technorati rank like you, they will favorite you as a favor back. If they do not care much about their Technorati rank, your chance of being their favorite are small.

3. Build good content

Building good content makes people link to you naturally. If their sites are in Technorati, then the links will add your blog response, which means improving your Technorati ranks.

Yup, it is that simple. Any question?