Direct TV Fan Danny

I spent this weekend by helping my best friend Danny moving to his new apartment. We were college friends and used to be in one group in classes. I had known him for four years and now he had been working for a couple of years. He works in a trading office and having a good salary there.

Danny and I have the same hobbies: watching TV and playing PC games. In the moving, the big tasks was moving the desktop computer and LCD television because they were the two most important things for him, and he did not want any scratch there because of the process.

Danny was a big fan of Direct TV service, perhaps his girlfriend was his LCD TV hahaha. He learned about it the first time when a year ago, he read a magazine article about Direct TV in California. He tried one of the local service and quickly fell in love with his new Direct TV channels.

Oh boy that is my buddy. Hey Danny, if you read this man = peace :D