My Old Friend Bobby

It was a pleasant night when my old friend Bobby knocked my door. It was a weekend and he was in my town to attend his weekend college class. Bobby was my close friend, back when we both still actively played electric guitar. Now he works in an information technology (IT) company in another town. I invited him in, and we had warm conversations and jokes afterward.

Between his jokes, I noticed that he was currently busy learning about File Extension QBM for his job. He actually asked me if I know something about it. I answered not at all, in fact that was my first time of hearing the words “File Extension QBM”.

Then he told me to google for the words and I should find some information about it. Then he said that his temperamental supervisor told him that he had to be able to use it in their next project and he had a week to learn it. He said it was difficult and laughed, I didn’t know why he laughed, but I just joined him laughing. I was happy to meet him.