Comment Policy

To complete the elements of a blog, I'd like to state some commenting policy here on my blog. It is to protect the healthy atmosphere here in overall. If you stick to the rules, I guarantee that your comment will be published no matter supporting or disagreeing. Here are a few thing I want you to know about commenting here:

1. I love comments. Existing comments shows that you care about what I have posted here. I am happy with that and I really appreciate your comments.

2. Relevant links are encouraged. Relevant means that the links are related to the topic of the post. The opposite, irrelevant links will be rejected. If you want to link to your site please use the "Name/URL" identity on the comment box.

3. Stay in the topic please. I can differentiate whether someone genuinely tries to comment or only tries to promote their own site easily. Irrelevant comments and spam will be rejected.

4. No keyword attempt for your names please. Obvious keyword attempts will be rejected. I believe no one was born with the name of Free Acai Berry, right?

5. No signature links please. As I have provide the "name/URL" on the comment box, I do not see any importance of signatures. Comments with signature links are past. Signature names are OK.

I personally moderate all comments that I received here. So, no spam comes through I am sure. Thank you for commenting!