My Old Friend Who Needs Glasses

Last night, an old friend of mine dropped by and we had a warm chat while watching television. After some conversation, he explained that his sight was getting worse. He could not see clearly nor far. I tried to convince him that it would be dangerous if he drive on highways. Then I suggest him to visit an optician and get eyeglasses, so he can see normally. He asked me how much it would cost him, and I said I had no idea. Then naturally, I used my internet connection to Google for a site that sells glasses.

From the search results, I clicked one of the links that lead me to a website in the address of It officially offered to provide customers with affordable eyeglasses with quality guarantee, and with single vision eyeglasses starting at $8. Varieties of eyeglasses were available for customer selection. 24*7 online live-chat was offered for instant customer service. Toll free Tel support was also reachable. “Same pricing, better glasses and service! The online ‘Wal-Mart’ for glasses shopping” was their short but representative tagline. The site looked quite convincing in design and showed many decent images of prescription eyeglasses along with their prices. Nice one, I thought.

Then I said to my friend that I had found a nice site about eyeglasses and asked him to check it. Then he asked me if the site offers High-indexed Prescription Eyeglasses On Sale, I answered that it seems like it did. He spent a few minutes with the site afterward, then looked satisfied with the information he got there.

We had some more conversations before he had to go somewhere else. It was a pleasant night and it is always satisfactory to help a friend in need. I love the internet.