Women's Summer Style Guide

Regarding my last visit on ShopWiki UK, I was reminded of my girlfriend’s hobby, which was shopping. She was fond of going to supermarket and shop for daily needs. Sometimes she bought things that I did not consider necessary too. I guess it was just the nature of women, or at least some of them.

I just remembered that the title of the website was “Clothing Buying Guide”. A guide supposes to be helpful in making decision of the buying. So I checked on of the guide: Women’s Summer Style Guide. There were many girly things, unfamiliar to me but I guess women will like it. Pretty complete for a guide I believe.

By the way, I just remembered that the images in the website were too small. I could not see the faces of the models clearly. I think they should make it bigger and sharper. So when a man comes to see the guide, their eyes can also enjoy the sweet models lol :D