Clothing: ShopWiki UK

Shopping is a word, which refers to an activity that is loved mostly by women. As a man, shopping is not my hobby, which means I do not shop for fun. I shop only when I need and have to. However, as an active blogger, I notice that there a lot of shopping websites, though I rarely use them. Recently I came across one of them, namely ShopWiki UK, this was a new experience for me.

Well, the name of the site reminded me of Wikipedia, though I doubt that both have any relation. For my curiosity, I browsed the website further. I wanted to get more information, I was thirsty of seeing new things on the vast internet.

The site has a very simple design, but still comfortable in the eyes. The navigation buttons / links are clearly visible. In that page, I saw five categories of clothing stuff: clothing for women, for men, for children, for sports, and accessories.

By the way, the good thing about this website is that it lists all available online shopping in the internet, not just the ones who pays to be listed. It is more beneficial to customers as they can have more choices. I like a business that put customers in the first place, like the commonly known slogan “customer is the king”.