Three Words After Sex

I just visited twitter and met a funny hashtag: #3wordsaftersex. Here are 10 of them, enjoy:
  • What's your name?
  • This is stupid..
  • Where's my money?
  • Shhh dads awake
  • Well that's depressing...
  • That's how much?
  • You're the daddy..
  • Oh shit, MOM?
  • I'm not finished!
  • I've had better
  • Shhit, someone's home!


Concord Carpenter said...

Sounds like you have an opportunity here.... maybe have her guest post or advertise her jewelry for her?

Isaac Yassar said...

I don't quite understand what you mean. These semantically funny expressions are not mine, they are from people in twitter.

Shawna said...

There should have been one saying "You in yet?"


Shawna's Study Abroad

Isaac Yassar said...

Good one!