Home Business Success Academy

A lazy Saturday morning in my parents’ house, I thought about the word “home business”. My favorite activity, blogging, is one of home businesses that really generates money. Like any other business, home business also requires skill and hard work to succeed. Regarding the skill, I recently visited an interesting website about home business training, which my friend Joshua Fuson informed earlier.

With its tagline of “Inside and out, from start to finish”, the Home Business Success Academy of http://www.hbsaonline.com is a virtual academy for training home-based entrepreneurs and network marketers in effective direct-response marketing strategies and methods.

This simple and easy navigated website provides three marketing education and training packages. Intermediate, advanced, and ultimate training programs are the types / level offered here. The programs use audio-based education, training workbooks, written assignments, and personal training plan as the overall medium.

Each of the packages has different scope of trainings, which also cost differently. The intermediate costs and offers least, and the ultimate package costs and offers most.

The intermediate package that costs $999 is about personal success, including prospecting mastery, closing mastery and business strategies.

The advanced package that costs $1,999 is about building a successful team, including the entire intermediate package, plus building winning teams, maximizing residual income and time management.

The ultimate package that costs $2,999 includes all of the intermediate and advanced packages, plus internet marketing, copywriting, information marketing and wealth management.

All these packages come along with 7 days refund policy, in case the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the product for any reason. It also offers various performance-based guarantees for the products.

The topics of the trainings are surely broad, ensuring potential amount of knowledge as the result. However, I guess the success depends on each of the learning individuals, because reading books, listening to audio records, and doing exercises are different from having a real human tutor around. I personally prefer human tutor.