Credit Cards Info Center

Sometimes I think that Paypal is ridiculous, as it requires credit card verification to properly use it regardless of the users’ intention of usage. People who shop online needs credit cards for sure, but people who only want to receive payments actually don’t. I just want to receive payments using Paypal, but I get confused about credit cards thing it requires, since I don’t currently have one. Fortunately, I can access a lot of information about credit cards on the net, like from Extra Credit Cards.

After my browser opened this website successfully on, I saw a lot of credit cards with their features on the main page. I tried to learn them, but I guess it was too much for me. I was about to get a headache, because credit card stuff always makes me somehow confused.

Fortunately, it had a decent FAQ (frequently asked question) section. I visited it and spent some minutes there. It was simple but quite helpful, giving clearer information about the cards and its requirements. My headache got reduced by 60% by reading it.

Then there was a menu that attracted my attention, student credit cards, since I was a student as well. Then I visited it, there were five cards offered there along with its features. I could say that some has more compelling features that the others. However, it depends to the person actually; different person might have different opinion.

I am glad there is a website that compiled lots of information about Credit Cards in one place, so I can easily come back later to consider more features and requirements, though my problem working Paypal is not solved yet. Ah..