Get Cash For Credit

I am so happy because now my Paypal account is finally verified. I used a virtual credit card for the verification process, which cost me about $8. Now I can easily withdraw funds from Paypal directly into my bank account. Withdrawing into a credit card is also possible though it will take more time and effort because it requires cash advance. Credit card cash advance can be a complicated and costly process. However, there are some companies that help people in credit card cash advance (cash for credit), making it an easy and fast process.

One of them is, with its tag line of “giving cash from your credit card without the hassle”. This website offers the service of giving the cash needed from credit cards without the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and transfer fee. For people who use credit card frequently and sometimes need cash advances, this service is certainly helpful.

This website works by transforming your cash advance into a purchase, which has lower APR. Therefore, your cash advance will has the same level of APR as normal purchase. In simple, you will get the money you want like from a cash advance, but it will cost you less, just like a normal purchase. You do not need to contact your credit card company as well, ensuring a faster process.

This service is also Paypal, Visa, and MasterCard friendly, meaning that they have confirmed of being able to work with the service.