New Social Media: Acobay

As far as I know, social media is the shining trend of the internet this decade. Many people use them and they are getting even more popular. New social media are growing rapidly; each of them offers their uniqueness and features. One of the new social media I came across recently is Acobay.

With its tagline of “Exploring, Showing, Networking”, Acobay offers a unique socializing system. Here, members are grouped based on specific similarities they have, like the movie they love, the book they read, the pets they have, the autos they want, etc. Using this method, people will find it easier to build networks based on ‘real’ things.

Its simple yet functional design is one of the things I remember from the site. Combination of white and a few red colors in pattern makes an eye friendly template. Google Custom Search is implemented nicely and neatly on the site, and I would like to give applause for it.

However, it is hard for me to find the network base I wanted, which is quote things / sharing, perhaps because it is still new and the members are not like older social media in number yet. I mean I have lots of similarities with others on the net, but only a few similarities I consider worthy of networking about. I guess I still need to wait for some time first, before I can get the topic I wanted there, with lots of members and active discussions inside it.