Student Credit Card

Going home from an annoying drive earlier today, I connected my personal computer to the net and surf it. When my mind was still thinking about my Paypal account that needs verification, I came across an interesting website about student credit card. I am a student and I need a credit card, what a nice coincidence.

This website,, helps students learn and compare credit card programs before applying. It changed my perspective, which predicted that a credit card application always require a job earlier. However, I guess not then, because students can use it as well, while building their credit profile at the same time, like stated in this website.

On its main page, this site also provides top three credit cards for students. This is very helpful as it reduce much time required to learn each of the programs one by one. Interested students can use this list as their primary source of choice, though if they have more time, they can view all available programs easily. The list is re-calculated every two months, making sure that it is up to date.

One thing that impressed me is that this website has a blog that help students deal with credit card stuff. That is good because most students do not learn about economic things, and their knowledge about credit card is usually limited. By learning first from this simple but solid blog before applying, students can have a better experience working with the credit card.

In sum, a student credit card brings newfound freedom, but it also brings new responsibility. Careful students will find it useful, while careless students might get some trouble using it.