Medical Alert: BrickHouse Alert

Everybody ages, becoming old, weak, and finally dies; including myself. That is the thought that came to me earlier today, as I came across a decent website about Medical Alert when surfing the net. It is nice that some company provide such medical service, thought not something very familiar with me.

Getting interested, I browsed the site, Brickhouse Alert, further. I found their tag line of “24/7 medical alert monitoring for seniors, fall detection medical alarm” explains a lot about their services. I also found in their banner another additional tag line that reads “most complete life quality protection available”.

Then I read one of the testimonials from one the users, which was very touching, “My father recently fell and BrickHouse Alert summoned help right away. After my father was taken to the hospital, the operator tried all five of my phone numbers until he finally reached me on the 6th try. I appreciate the operators determination and attention to detail.” That is a true dedication, I thought.

It was interesting for me, and then I went to their pricing page, wondering how much the services cost. Their available Medical Alert services that consist of Easy Alert Button, Intruder Alert, Inactivity Detection, Monitored Smoke Detector, Motion Sensor, plus the free services Fall Detection, Panic Button, Reminders, Speaker-Phone, Emergency Speed Dial, and 100% Warranty costs $34.95 per month; while the contract varies from 3-12 months. Pretty cheap I guessed, because nothing is too expensive for the one you love.

After surfing this website,, I was reminded of my old father, who is suffering light stage of stroke. Fortunately, he has my mother and my sister in home taking care of him. I realized that old men are fragile, they need extra care and help sometimes. If you (unfortunately) have no one to look after your old parents / grand parents, you should not hesitate to use such service above, for they deserves the best for the last.