The Survive Group

It was an exciting night, as when I browsed the internet, I came across an interesting website: The Survive Group. It is a partnership between the Highways Agency, the Association of Chief Police Officers, the breakdown/recovery industry and other road service providers. It aims for the sake of the security of people who stop or work on the hard shoulder of roads and highways. It reminded of one of my best friends who got an accident lately, but he drives like hell anyway.

The Survive Group was founded in 1998 as a response for the deaths of six breakdown operators on motorway hard shoulders. Representatives from the breakdown industry established the solid group with the purpose of promoting the safety of people stopping on or working on the motorway hard shoulder and high-speed dual carriageways.

On this website,, people will find Survive membership details and the activities being undertaken by the working groups, tips on how to drive safely in a wide range of driving conditions, advices on planning your journey and access to Survive publications, guidance / publications produced by Survive, new initiatives, and forthcoming events.

If you are not a native English user, the term hard shoulder might confuse you, so here I put some description. A hard shoulder, or simply shoulder, is a reserved area by the verge of a road or motorway. Generally, it is kept clear of all traffic. In the event of an emergency or breakdown, a motorist can pull into the hard shoulder to get out of the flow of traffic and obtain an element of safety. It is also known by the name breakdown lane and emergency lane.

It is touching that this group is dedicated to security and safety of people who stop and work on hard shoulder areas, and it’s a whole new experience for me. Great!