Security Camera: ProSecuritys

When I surf the internet earlier today, I came across an interesting website that sells Security Camera. It reminded me to action movies where sometimes police use security records to identify bad people. I love movies, just like my love to the internet.

So, I browsed around this website, Pro Securitys. The name was quite catching my attention, made me thinking “Isn’t it should be securities?” However, I did not want to stick to this question, since I am not a native English user. I assume they know what they are doing, by choosing that name.

This website,, does not only offer security cameras, but other electronic devices as well. They are ranging from cables and connectors, back ups and power strips, mounts and brackets, multiplexer and accessories, security system, security furniture, security tools, security system recorders, wireless and wired systems, and the strange “security montiors”.

You must be thinking that I made a typing error in spelling “security montiors”, but I am not. I write it exactly the same as in the website. This drove my attention as well, and then I tried to click it. The page loaded and it showed some menus afterward: CRT monitors, monitors, video and accessories, and video display. Well, I guess someone made some typing mistake there.

Then I went back to the page about security camera, which I had opened earlier and somehow reminded me of the movie “Die Hard 4”. Do not ask me why, it just happened like that. There, I saw five categories: black and white cameras, camera housing, color cameras, dome cameras, and night vision cameras.

I quickly clicked night vision categories, because it sounded so cool. The cameras cost from $119 up to $1400, pretty cheep and quite expensive at the same time I thought. Unfortunately, only one of the cameras has a thumbnail image, the others do not, though all of them have a space for image. In addition, strangely, the first two products don’t have any image or description nor names. When I clicked one of them, the page loaded but then only showed blank space, awkward.

Before I end my session there, somehow I smiled and thought “If they are really against racism nowadays, why they still sell black and white cameras?” Hahaha just kidding guys, see you later.