Fantasy Stock Market Game

Welcometh thou blogosphere citizens. Recently, like my daily habit, I surf the internet here and there. Then I came across this interesting website about Fantasy Stock Market Game, a free simulation of stock market business. It gave me a unique nostalgic feeling, because I took a stock market seminar a few years ago.

I wanted to ‘play’ in stock market business once, but it required a large amount of fund that I could not afford. It was also dangerous, having the risk of losing a large sum of money if I take a wrong turn. To be honest, I am a man who loves peaceful life, means I also love financial security, though does not necessarily abundant in numbers :D

This nice-looking website, Wall Street Survivor™, is interesting as it provides stock market simulation with free sign up. It puts people in the driver’s seat and let them manage their own fantasy stock portfolio while competing risk-free against friends, peers, and colleagues for the chance to win lucrative cash prizes. People will not lose money like in the real stock market, but in the contrary, they are even having a chance to get money. Nice.

The site,, is great because it uses authentic financial data feed from Thomson (with real stock prices), which is the same one used by brokers and traders around the world. Therefore, people can ‘play’ on the business without risking their fund, but experiencing the real condition and atmosphere of stock market business. Once they have enough experience and training in the simulation, they can get to the real business with real money and reap real profit.

Whether you seriously want to do business in stock market or just want to improve your skills and ability, you should use this free stock market business simulation to gain yourself the experience of learning from your mistakes, while it still costs none of your money.