Seeing Into the Future of IPOs

As a blogger, the internet is my playground. When my connection is down, I feel so sad, because I am cut off from the rest of the world. When my connection is good, I love to surf here and there in the limitless network. I love to see and learn something I don't know yet, something new. And I recently run across an interesting website, in the address of

This website is about a business software, more specifically for IPO (initial Public Offering) stuff, a corporation's first offer to sell stock to the public, like in their tag line “Seeing Into the Future of IPOs”. Unfortunately, I know it the hard way, because this site is pretty tough in language. I’m not a native English user and I’m not familiar with business terms, though I studied English Literature. I had to ask Google about what is ‘this’, and then what is ‘that’. Fortunately, Google has many answers.

Up to now, I still get confused on the page’s title “A Superior Version of the Truth – Venture Capital Deals and Exits – Your Version”. It sounds great, poetic, and solid, but frankly, the image I got from the title is absurd. That is not the kind of title that I expect from a web page, not too clear.

The software name is “Liquid Scenarios Enterprise 2.0 RC1”, I guess. Actually, the site never explains that it is a software, I know it from The Denver Post that stated "Financial software so easy, a child could do it". They say it is good, the testimonials. On the web page, some typical user cases are also provided and the software can solve them fast, very fast.

With the software's potentiality and ability, I think this website should explain things in simpler language, so their market will expand abroad easier, because if potential foreign visitors can easily learn the product, they will have bigger chance to become loyal customers.