How To Add A Technorati Button To Blogger

Technorati button enables your visitors to quickly add your blog to their favorites on that famous bookmarking site. For an example of this button, check my sidebar on "Social Bookmark" section. This button is faster to use than a 'one for all' social bookmarking button. If you have a specific importance with Technorati, it is good to provide a special button for it. Here is a super fast tutorial on how to add a Technorati button to your Blogger powered website / blog.

1. Copy this script:

<a href="">
<img alt="Add to Tecnorati as my favorite" src="">

2. Login to Go to dashboard >> layout >> page elements >> add a gadget >> HTML / Javascript.

3. Paste the script there.

4. Edit with your blog address. Save.

Done! Check your blog to view your new Technorati button. Any problems or question? The comment section is available.