How To Add An Alexa Button To Blogger

Adding an Alexa button will make Alexa stays informed of your traffic information. Therefore it will have more details about your website / blog to determine a better ranking for you. For an example of an Alexa button, check my sidebar on "Site Info" section. Here is a step by step guide on how to add an Alexa Button to Blogger powered website / blog.

1. Go here. Choose between using a stats or rank button. Type your web address in the provided form.

2. Click "Build Widget". Let the page loads, then choose between three scripts: 120 x 95 button, 120 x 240 vertical banner, or 468 x 60 banner. Grab the code.

3. Login to . Go to dashboard >> layout >> page elements >> add a gadget >> HTML / Javascript.

4. Paste the script there. Save.

Done! Visit your blog to observe your new Alexa button. Any problems or questions?