How To Add A Social Bookmark Button To Blogger

Social bookmark button enables your visitors to easily and quickly bookmark your post or website / blog in their social media. Fortunately, there s 'one for all' button that provides shortcuts to all major social bookmarking sites in the net. For an example of such button, check my sidebar on "Social Bookmark" section, there is a white button with "bookmark" inside it. If you hover your mouse on it, some shortcuts will appear. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to add a 'one for all' button of social bookmarking on your Blogger powered website / blog.

1. Visit AddThis, sign up.

2. Login, click the menu "Grab the button" in the upper bar.

3. Optimize the button's type and appearance if you wish. Choose "on a website" on the form "Where?".

4. Click "Get Your Button Code". Let the page loads, then grab the script inside the frame.

6. Login to Go to dashboard >> layout >> page elements >> add a gadget >> HTML / Javascript.

7. Paste the script there, save.

Done! Check your blog to view the button. Any problems or questions? Feel free to use the comments section.


wrongSent said...


do you know how to add that button to every post? (beside the comment button)

Isaac Yassar said...

@wrongSent: To do that, you need to edit your XML template. Use browser's find tool to find sections "label" or "comment", then paste your code near it. However, the code from is in HTML/Javascript type, and need to be parsed before it can work on XML (parsing tools are available online). In overall, it's quite tricky and requires trials and errors.

It is much easier to put the button on your sidebar using add a page element.

Prime Optimizer said...

Thanks for your post. However, is good to go for adding bookmarking buttons. thanks again for ur seo tip!

blaise said...

thanks for your reply isaac ;p

i wanna ask if "donate button" are allowed in blogger...

are they gonna ban you from that?

Isaac Yassar said...

@Blaise: You're welcome my friend. No, Blogger will not ban anyone because of donate button. Glad to help :)