How To Add A Contact Form To Blogger

A contact form enables your visitors to contact you personally without exposing your email address to public. Every professional website / blog has it, and that is why it is a good reason for you to have one too. Here is a simple tutorial on how to add a contact form to Blogger powered blog, like this.

1. Go to Kontactr to get a contact form script, sign up.

2. Choose ajax script and set the color template if you wish. Grab the code. Don't use HTML script, it doesn't get along well with Blogger because of the line break conversion.

3. Login to, go to dashboard >> new post.

4. Paste the ajax script inside your post (on edit HTML section, not compose), title the post "Contact". Publish it.

5. Go to your blog, you will see your new "Contact" post. Copy its link location.

6. Put a link to your "Contact" post in your sidebar / template.

7. Go to dashboard >> edit posts >> "Contact". Click "post options" below the typing frame, set the date to past in order to remove your contact post from your main page. Disable the comments as well.

Done. Having any problems? Questions? Use the comment section.