Extra Credit Cards

ExtraCreditCards.com is a comprehensive credit card information center, which mission is to help users learn useful credit card information. It also helps its users regarding how to improve their credit score as well as where to find low APR credit cards online.

In the front-page of this website, along with a list of low interest credit cards, a simple search tool in the main page will greet users. This search tool is clearly useful to find the type of credit card the users are seeking. However, unlike common search tools, the query form lets no users type any word there. Users are only offered to choose from nine pre-defined types of card to search, ranging from “Low Interests Credit Cards” up to “By Bank or Issuer”. This is not something too familiar for users and has a chance to reduce the site’s integrity.

The search tool’s categories also seem to be overlapping the seven upper bar menus, which are ranging from “Low Apr Credit Cards” up to “Student Credit Cards”. While some are distinctively different, some of these bar menus have similar function with some of the search categories, and it is not too effective for a website.

Fortunately, this site also has an interesting and unique section, namely “Common Myths”. It reveals some credit card myths along with their reality handsomely. While dealing with credit card business is a very serious matter, users will enjoy reading these myths revealed for a short break.

However, this decent Credit Cards information center can certainly make use of an “about” page, to help their potential visitors get acquainted better. People do not use services they do not trust, and an “about” page is the perfect place to expose the site’s credibility and dedication to its users. If it can also show some nice image of their bonafide office there, potential visitors will have a good chance to become loyal users.