5 Types Of Post That Gets Traffic And Links

You are wrong if you think that every types of post can get the same amount of traffic and links. Some types gets more traffic than the others. Some types also gets linked more the others. You are normal if you want to know these five types of post, in order to gain yourself more traffic and inbound links, are you? Here they are:

1. Resource list

Lots of people use the net to find supporting resources which they need in their activities That is why this type of post has a good chance to get lots of traffic and links. However, a good resource list needs quality and time.

Wanting a good example of this type? Click here.

2. Tips and trick

Everybody can always make use of decent tips and trick, where the internet has provide abundantly. To make a good one, the key is to keep it simple and useful. Don't say something that can be explained in a sentence in a whole post.

If you are curious to view a good example of this type, click here.

3. Good advice

Even in bitter times, good advices always taste as sweet as sugar. No matter what is the field, there is always a place for good advices. To make a good one, maintain the focus and depth.

If you'd like a good example, click here.

4. Interviews with famous people

This type usually attracts lively traffic, links, and comments. That is why you should not be jealous with other people's reputation. Their fame can influence your traffic and link growth in a positive manner.

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5. "Best of" lists

If embedded with the word "best of", the spotlight is always found its magnet. That's the same like mankind's own nature: having a good one, still wanting a better one, and eventually, longing for the best one.

If you need a decent example of this type, click here.