Maxxed Blogger Sitemap

Do you know that Blogger creates sitemaps for every users automatically? Yes, by default every blog related to Blogger (both in blogspot or custom domain) has already a sitemap. However, the format is not in XML as usual, but in its default feeds. It has the links to your posts and your contents, like any XML sitemap.

To view its location, visit your Blogger robots.txt. The location is:
  • or
Use your browser's address bar to access the text file. There, you will see the address of your automated sitemap, usually:
  • or
You can visit the address and see your sitemap yourself. It's not too pretty, but it is surely functional as any XML sitemap. However, this sitemap does not contain all your post, but only some number of the newest, if you have already lots of post (more than 100).

If you want a maxxed sitemap that contain ALL your post, use this:
  • or
If you have that many posts, your sitemap will be as heavy as hell to open. However, it is a piece of cake for search engine bots, so you can submit your maxxed sitemap to search engines for more complete indexing.

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G0zeN said...

I followed your instruction but what I found that there is no sitemap in my blog. Its only write Allow: /cse.xml. Please show me where can I find my blog sitemap.

My blog:-

Isaac Yassar said...

As I have stated on the post, visit the address:

I have visited it and everything is normal.