4 Most Interesting Words In Blogging

Do you know what are the four most important words in blogging? Do you know that they have huge positive impacts in articles? If you know them and use them right, it will be sweet for sure, mate. Behold, here they come:

The first word: "You"

The word "you" is highly influential in blogosphere, as it changes the focus of articles to the readers / visitors, not the writers / authors. Good blogs must deliver some value to their visitors, as traffic is their heart beat. As in trading buyers are kings, in blogging visitors are kings.

Pay attention to this sentence for example, imagine that you are reading these sentences in a blog:
  • "It will certainly bring lots of benefit to me"
  • "It will certainly brings lots of benefit to you"

Which one will attract your interest more? The second of course! Lots of money for the author is not interesting for you, but lots of money for you clearly grabs your attention. It involves you.

The second word: "Because"

This word adds solid constructions to articles, as it strengthen every argument in articles. In articles, bloggers can say everything, right or wrong, good or bad, true or false. But without the word "because", it will only be a weak opinion.

Let's observe this, assume that you are reading an article and you find one of these sentences there.
  • "It is a bad things to do."
  • "It is a bad things to do because it breaks the law."
Which one will you believe? The second, right? The first statement will only make you say "yeah right" and leave.

The third word: "Free"

This "free" means you don't have to spend any money on something. Everyone loves free things a lot. It can wake up your sleepy readers for sure.

Admit it, you love the "free" word. To prove it, check these sentence:
  • "If you want to get this cool software (full version) for only 20$, click here."
  • "If you want to get this cool software (full version) for free, click here."
Which link will you click? Only moron will click the first, right?

Then fourth word: "Money"

None can live without money in this world. Everybody needs money. Smart people will not miss any chance to get money, they will check it at least. Things get more interesting when involves money, right?

Let's compare these:
  • "Doing this activity will get you more friends"
  • "Doing this activity will get you more money"
If you can choose, which one will you believe to be right? Must be the second. Yes, the word is compelling as always.

There you go, just be smart in putting all the four words in your posts and they will do the work for you.