How To Deal With Blogger Error Codes bX-......

Meeting the annoying bX-.... error codes? Wondering what is the cause? Want to know what can you do and how to fix it? Feel helpless and desperate? Read on, because all the information you are longing is here.

First, let’s start by the favorite: the cause and the solution: (this can be applied to all Blogger bX-... error codes that occur, with adaptation of course)

Trouble with your internet connection: imperfect transfer data might happen, and the package become not recognized by Blogger. It happens a lot in slow and unstable connections, especially wireless and 3G. I have faced some of them myself. Tips: try using different / better connections or try to do it not in busy hours.

There is something wrong in your input (codes, files, templates, etc). Tips: test by giving another input (different from the one you tried before), and see whether the same error will occur again or not.

There is some error in your browser's cache (temporary data storage). Tips: log out from Blogger then clear all private data (especially cache). Then login back and try again. Alternatively, use other browsers / computers. Reinstalling / updating old browsers are options as well.

After using the tips above, quickly use search engines to find some past records that try to solve the error code. You can browse through the search results and try the solutions mentioned there.

If your error code is new, meaning that you cannot find any records about it, click here to report it to Blogger Help Group. The expert Blogger users there will try to help you. After that, click here to report it directly to Blogger team, they will look into the matter but they will not respond. They will try to make such error will never happen again in Blogger.

You can also visit Blogger Known Issues and Blogger Status to get some background information. Though finding helpful information related to your error codes has small chance to be found, especially when it's new.