Blogging: Short Or Long Posts?

Which one is better, writing short or long posts? Which of them will give more audience and traffic? If you are wondering for the answer, read on, as we will reveal the truth behind those questions.

As length of post, short or long, is a classic consideration of bloggers, the decision are known to be always depending on the blogging strategy itself. It includes the preferred traffic source, topics, productivity level / available time, and audience / visitors targeting.

Short posts are good to gain more search engine traffic. Millions of people use search engines every day, no doubt it makes them a massive traffic source.

This form is good to deal with short-explained and easy-applied articles, which are usually searched using Google and friends. For example: tips / tricks, how-to, DIY, news, etc.

Bloggers can produce short posts in rapid successions. A full time professional blogger can use eight working hours to effectively produce eight short posts (with optimal quality).

The visitors of this type of posts are usually one-time visitors. Once they have got what they need, they will probably never come back. That is why bloggers write many of these posts, and search engines always deliver different visitors.

In the other hand, long posts are good with carnivals and personal bookmarking traffic. Social media / bookmarking is a great traffic source for certain topics. Each social media tend to have different trends on the topics. For example, if you use, you will know that strange / unique news and offbeat things gets the most spotlight there.

This form is suitable to explain states of opinions / arguments that need a lot of supporting details. For example: political opinions, influential articles, controversial statements, etc.

Bloggers can take more time to write a long post. A full time professional blogger can take up to eight working hours to produce one long post (with optimal quality).

The visitors of this type of posts are usually long-lasting and loyal visitors. Once they have read one of your articles and like it (or hate it), they will come back again for another reading (or another debate).

Now, based on your preferred traffic source, topics, available time, and target visitors, you can decide yourself, which one you are going to use.

To write a good short post, it has to be comprehensive and complete. Tips: always try to say everything in the shortest and simplest way. However, do not forget to add every detail needed.

Long posts must stay on track to be qualified, and it is sometimes a difficult thing. Tips: always try to make it as complete as possible. Use more “advanced” words to strengthen the impact. However, do not forget to keep it comprehensive and do not include unnecessary details.