Blank in Blogger Mainpage

All your blog posts suddenly disappeared from your main page? It is an issue that some users experienced lately. The body of the posts becomes invisible in the mainpage, leaving a wide blank space. However, the sidebar, header, and footer are usually still there. If you experience the same problem / do not want to experience the same problem in future, here is all you need to know including the antidote.

The Cause

The source of the problem is some internal errors in Blogger cache data of the particular account. This slight error is the result of a temporary internal server error, one of the unexpected effects of the process of the integration of Google Friend Connect, which takes longer than expected.

The Solution

To solve it, quickly login to Then click create a new post on your particular blog. Don't write anything, just leave it blank. Then, hit the "save as draft" menu. This action should fix the problem at once.

How It Works

This method works by resetting the account cache data. As the error are not found any longer, the blog's main page will function normally again.

Feel free to leave comments here if your problem still occurs. Source: Known Issues for Blogger