How To Make A Good Decision

OpeningBy the time I write this, I had just broken up with my girlfriend. It was a difficult choice, but I finally made this decision. It was complicated but I will try to explain it. Our relationship started four months ago. We was in the same field trip, and we got along well. We had many conversations, and at the same time we started to feel comfortable to each others. Seeds of love grew inside our hearts. Then when I said I loved her, while we were eating meat balls, she accepted my love.

Day and day went along, and we was happy. We got closer and closer. I had gone to her house meeting his parents once. I was so much in love that I thought that this girl will be my wife someday in the future. When our relationships reached its fourth month, I realized that both of us had changed significantly. Our relationship did not run as smoothly as before. She was not as warm as she used to be. And I was easier to get angry than I used to be. Each day she gave me a reason that drove me angry. I believed that she had known me well, including some reasons that could make me mad. But somehow, she kept doing them. Sometime I felt that she did them on purpose. I also felt that her eyes became colder and colder, as if the tree of love inside his heart was dying and dying.

I started to think that there was something wrong with this relationship. There was something wrong between us. I started to consider ending everything. I did not plan on repairing this relation, since both of us seemed to be tired of it. Ending would be better for both of us. I would stop angry all the time. And she would stop seeing and hearing my anger, and being sad because of me.

I knew if I broke up there would be some drawbacks also. I loved her, so if we broke up some part of me would be sad, really sad. Though some part of me would feel relieved. She was a good addition for my life. If she went away I might be lonely. She was also good at massaging and I would not enjoy it anymore. So I finally made the move and we got broken up. I know she would find someone better than me though. Besides, she was not the same girl whom I loved before. So I just need to face the consequences and continue my life.

Audience, I share you this experience because even in the darkest experience there is always something to learn. We human always want to be a good leader, at least for ourselves or our family. However to be a good leader, the ability in making decision wisely is very important. Bad decision will only lead us into regret, or even our doom. Losing a lover is sometime considered a bad decision, if you can't get a new one :D

The skill of making the right decision applies almost in any field. If we wish to have a brilliant career we need to master this skill well. Even in daily life, wrong decision in choosing the right words in a daily conversation will cause bad effects. Wrong decision in a top management meeting of a company will collapse the entire company into ruins. Wrong decision in dealing with global recession will bring the entire nation to its knees. Bad decisions = bad recession :D

Making decision is an art which combines between reasoning, instinct, and some time passion. We have to think comprehensively to analyze every possibilities along with its good and bad sides. However some people have a strong natural instinct in making decision, which mostly right. But not every one can do this, since each person is unique and different. The best thing we can do is to use our reasoning to make a deep analysis for each possibilities to choose the best option. If we find two different options which has a same comparison between the good and the bad, then it is time to use our instinct. There are also some people who tend to use passion first and reasoning later, and of course this is not a good idea. Most people know that using reasoning first and passion later is better, though not everyone can apply it in daily life. But I'm sure most people THINK they can :D

Making the right decision does not always refer to perfect win-win solutions. Perfection is not something natural in human life. What we suppose to do is choosing the best solution from the worst situation. We have to try to make the decision as closest as possible to a win-win solution. However it's much harder to choose between lose-lose solutions, since wisdom is needed here. In such situation, just try do what the best we can do. If you end up making the wrong decisions, always include the proverb "To err is human, to forgive is divine" in your apology :D

If you used to be bad in making decision, don't worry. As long as you are still drawing breath there is no lateness in honing your skills. I'm not saying I'm finished learning here. I'm still learning too. So let's learn together, step by step. We should start from small and simple things first. Just keep developing our deciding skills and later on we might end up being a great leader making executive decisions which influence many people's life. Or people's taxes, as in recent US automobile companies' bail out which is paid by the government using your taxes :D

Wise word said that a good leader is the one who is able make a good decision from a bad situation, but a wise leader is the one who is able to make the best decision from the worst situation. Good day.