How To Be Unique And Original

OpeningBefore I start, let me share you one of my experience. Once, I really did not like writing. When I decided to start writing a blog, I had no idea how to write it. Then I started to keep writing and writing. Some of my articles were so messy, and some others satisfied me. Then in the process, I found some pattern that I feel comfortable to use, one by one. I started to like the way I wrote articles. I started to spend plenty of times with my articles. Sometimes I wrote a new articles, sometimes I just edited them, and sometimes I just read them. It was felt like a whole new world for me. This comfortable feeling was very different as when I started to write a blog. Now I really enjoy doing this.

And also, there were times when I feel pessimistic whether someone will read my articles or not, as when I browsed for my topic in Google, I found so many similar articles. But when I had invented my unique and original pattern of my own, I felt optimistic that these pattern was not found anywhere on the web except mine. I felt confidence in my writing, as I was sure that I had spent enough time to work on my articles which is written in my own unique style, ensuring their quality. May be they are the best articles that I had written in my entire life. Now I can call that my style. I did not think too much if my style will be strange for someone though I know there was some possibility for it. What I remembered was I felt comfortable to use my original style of writing, and I believed other people can find one or two things which is useful for them. So it is a win-win situation.

When I start to write an article using my keyboards in front of my monitors, It feels like I'm walking a portal into another dimension. I can do anything I want there, I can do it in any way I want. It's completely free. I know my articles are not the best article in the internet, but at least I can present my best writing to public. I do not know whether many or few people will find them useful, but I know that someone somewhere will find them somewhat useful. It really feels good to do this.

We know well that human posses the ability to become very creative. However not everyone can be creative, even though everyone has the potentiality for it. The problem is the mindset of the person itself, who is unconscious with the ability to be creative and the further application of it. By being creative, one will find his/her own style/way to do something which is unique. This uniqueness will ensure our existence in global competition, as our value and quality will be extended further. Being unique also will gain our confidence, just like my experience above. Being unique also will make us feel comfortable in doing anything we do. An old proverb said that one will not do the best, unless he/she feels comfortable in doing the activity he has.

However, instead of only being unique, we have to be original too. If someone has a new and unique style/strategy of doing something, then we adopt it into our own style, then may be our style will be unique too as not many people are using it, but it's definitely not original. So we may not do that? We may, unless if the style/strategy is trademarked of course ;p Using others' technique and strategy of gaining success is not forbidden, but stealing others' products and contents are. It will be incredibly better if we add some customization and improvement into the adopted style/strategy to make it even better. This customization and improvement is our own effort which totally make the style/strategy different. In this case we can call it original from us. Actually, we are good enough to invent something new and original things in any field, but not everyone think they are. This mindset establish a barrier which prevent the particular person from his/her peak potentiality. Positive thinking is the key here.

Time runs, and we must keep the same pace with it. Otherwise we will be outdated and eliminated from the competition. That is why we must also improve our style/strategy from time to time. Doing this will ensure our survival in the global competition, since survival of the fittest applies in all field. Those who does not fit will be extinct. We can improve our style/strategy by learning new strategies/styles. We can also compare our style/strategy with successful others'. Then adopt some part of them into our own. However nothing is perfect, each has its own strength and weakness. What we have to do is infusing more strength into our own styles/strategy, and at the same time reducing and avoiding weaknesses of ours and others'. Please don't tell me that your only weakness is you don't have any strength at all ;p

As it is free to use any style/strategy we want, we must also consider the purpose of doing it. If our activity is related to other people, then we must consider what they need. The style we use has to be balanced between our comfortableness in using it and how it will be useful to other people. For example: a lawyer can speak in any way he/she likes in the court, but he/she must consider the goals related to his/her client's need. If the purpose is only for our own fun and does not relate to others such as drawing pictures for hobby, then we are free, as free as a bird flying in the sky. Sky crawlers' parachute jumpers are also flying free like birds after they jumped, but not for long ;]

We have to be someone who do something in a unique and original way, to maximize our potentiality. However this point does not apply only on writing articles which I do. It can be applied in any field we encounter. We don't have to follow the mainstream. Be someone unique. Find our own taste and flavor in doing anything we do. That is our ticket to shine bright in this world. We do not need to be afraid of competition, since if we are unique, we will offer something different than the rest of our competitors. We should not look at competitors too long and forget to improve our uniqueness. Just keep developing our selves, and everything will do the rest.

Audience, wise word said that the one who walks others' path well is a good follower, but the one who walks his/her own path well is a good leader. Have a nice day.