Need IT Skills? Check K Alliance

Hi there! I am sure that you are aware of the fact that website and internet stuff are closely related information technology (IT), and developing your own site requires a decent knowledge in that field. Especially when your site is not a blog in type, since maintaining a blog is much simpler than a website. That is why when you are to build big / major scale website, you need a good IT engineer (or engineers). It can be you yourself leading a team or engineers, or you can have someone else do it for you.

If you are a type of person who likes to do things on your own flavor and with your idealism, so be it. All you need is to learn IT knowledge and skills, don't have to be an expert though, but at least savvy. Like Bill Gates, he is a type of Jack of All Trades leading the Aces in developing Microsoft. The learning process of IT can be autodidact or with trainers. If you feel having a trainer is better, I suggest K Alliance ( , they can help you.

K Alliance offers computer based training (CBT) and online computer training videos for IT training, Certification Tracks, Desktop Application, Soft Skills, Online Mentoring, Custom Development, Enterprise Server Library, and free demo videos. Their featured customers are IBM, US Army, US Department of Homeland Security, Visa, GE, AT&T, etc.

K Alliance recently became a member of CompTIA's (Computing Technology Industry Association) network of specialized trainers that gain exclusive insight into requirements and guidelines for reach of their certifications. CompTIA offers educators and trainers specialized resources that can greatly improve service to their constituencies.

CompTIA members that have joined their Learning Alliance have met CompTIA's quality standards for delivering certification education and training, so IT students know that they receive a beneficial education that is worth their investment and that will help them enhance their IT skills and careers. Membership also conveys to students that courses and study materials are of top-notch quality that will help them successfully learn all they will need to pass the certification exam and become a certified professional within the IT industry.

This information of K Alliance’s CompTIA membership was officially announced on Reuters (April 29, 2009). There are many interesting points the press release, and I only mention a few here. If you are interested in IT stuff, feel free to check it out.

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