How To Create Tables In Blogger

As in any other publishing / blogging platforms, sometimes we need to create tales in Blogger. However, many users find that unexpected spaces are added inside the table. This problem is caused by the line change conversion setting. Turning it off will not solve the matter, as all of the post will be influenced and potentially causes bigger problems. Here is a simple trick to overcome the issue.

As common HTML programming, to create a table in Blogger, first we need to put these codes in “edit HTML” section:


<td>Line 1 Col 1</td> <td>Line 1 Col 2</td> <td>Line 1 Col 3</td>

<td>Line 2 Col 1</td> <td>Line 2 Col 3</td> <td>Line 2 Col 3</td>

<td>Line 3 Col 1</td> <td>Line 3 Col 2</td> <td>Line 3 Col 3</td>


Then, as the default setting of Blogger will add a <br/> to every “enter” key usage (line change), we need to remove every line change inside the table codes to avoid unexpected blank space additions. Therefore, the codes will appear as:

<table><tr><td>Line 1 Col 1</td><td>Line 1 Col 2</td><td>Line 1 Col 3</td></tr><tr><td>Line 2 Col 1</td><td>Line 2 Col 3</td><td>Line 2 Col 3</td></tr><tr><td>Line 3 Col 1</td><td>Line 3 Col 2</td><td>Line 3 Col 3</td></tr></table>

This codes look very complicated may be, therefore, it is more efficient to finish editing the codes in the spacious form (first box above) before we remove the line changes. You can also use third party HTML editing software like Dreamweaver or Notepad++ to help in editing the codes.

However, this adaptation is only to optimize the table with line change conversion. If you do not enable it, you do not need to apply the adaptation. This setting is accessible through Dashboard >> Setting >> Format.

As in any HTML table, you can also apply these codes to set the table further:

<table width=”400px” border=”1” cellspacing=”2” cellpadding=”2”>
<tr align=”center” bgcolor=”grey”>

You can search for another supported table codes using HTML editor softwares such as Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Do you find any difficulties in applying it? Feel free to share in the comments.