How To Craft Impressive Comments

People leave comments to express their response on specific topics and to provide links to their own website. And if done right, comments can be a huge source of traffic and acknowledgments. The problem is, not all comments are “right”, some are even considered as spam. If you want to receive the “right” feedback on your comments, perhaps you want to consider these things:


This is the basic requirement your comments must fulfill, you need to relate between the topics of the articles with your own response well. Doing this requires you to read and understand the post / article first. So if you have the time, always read the article first before attempting to give any comment.

If you are engaged more to the conversations in comments section, you can also directly respond to one of them. This is also a good trick if you want to leave quality comments (and links) but you have not enough time to read the full article.


You do not want to leave common comments; you want to leave intelligent ones, as they will reflect your personal quality and functions as a free advertisement for yourself. If your comments are not intelligent, it will give no special spotlight for you.

So, always add something to the overall discussion on the topic. You are welcomed to express agreement or disagreement, just do not forget to support them with adequate frameworks of thought.

To measure the level of intelligence of a comment, think about and feel it. As you may have already known, some comments are more touching and expressing something that others never thought about. That is the meaning of intelligent, craft it!

Friendly and Polite

Use language wisely in commenting, since it is a two edged blade. Good language brings peace, the opposite one breaks it. To get the best response in commenting, always try to be friendly and polite, since humbleness will make people respect you more.

So no matter how irritated / insulted you are with the post / article, thinks cold on the language you use to express it. You never know when your contradictory response will lead to a constructive outcome, so keep your eye peeled.

Compact and Rich

Leaving too long or too short comments are not wise. Try to make it compact, simple but rich in the framework of ideas. Get your ideas expressed straight, and do not try to overcomplicate things. Especially when there are many comments already.

Uniqueness / Style

Try out different style and pattern in commenting, since you want to be distinctive with others. You can also look carefully at others’ comments (before you put any), and see if they have used some pattern in commenting, then you can use another one that are not used there yet, so yours will be shining better.

The primary objective of uniqueness is to differentiate yourself with others. In addition, there are many methods that you can use to achieve this. I believe the more creative you are, the more methods you will find. In the relation with creativity, try out as many patterns as possible.

If you have not, why don’t you try to leave spam comments, so that you will know how it feels and gives feedback to you? :D

Both bad and good experiences are great teachers my friend.

Gravatar / Logo

First impression is everything, which is why many bloggers provide gravatar or logo in their comments box. You better create one for yourself, as it can attract outstanding first impressions, which is certainly supportive toward the atmosphere of your brand that you want to build.

Ask Yourself

The final filter, ask yourself what is your feeling when someone give that kind of comments on your blog, thankful, interested, happy, giggled, angry, insulted, or else? Then what will you do about it, visit the commenter website, neglect it, delete it, insult him / her back, or else? This method will make sure that you will give the right influence in the comments box.

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Do you think there are more things to consider when we leave comments? Feel free to share.