Why Commenting Is Good For Bloggers

Imagine if as a blogger, when you leave one comment on any article on the web, 1000 people are interested with it and visit your website checking your articles then become your loyal readers, would you like it?

Comments are a very common yet powerful socializing tool in blogosphere, their impact of can be very astonishing sometimes. It makes good comments have great influences, that is why every bloggers should do it. Commenting is awesomely good for bloggers because of many reasons:

Spreading your links

When you give some quality comments to articles in others’ websites, you are also putting some strategic links to your website. The more links you have, the more chances people will come visiting your website and read your articles.

I personally love to count inbound links to my websites using submit express link popularity tool. It is fun to watch your links grow, believe me.

Making your brand / name more famous

Don’t leave anonym comments since none will recognize you better. Write your name or your brand clearly, so the more people see your impressive comments, the more your name and brand will get the spotlight.

I personally love to use my name (Isaac Yassar) in my own website and in the comments that I leave everywhere. So the address of the my website is not a big deal, if I move my blog or add a new one, those who know my name will know it is still me.

Introducing your thoughts

Comments are a magnificent device to express your thoughts regarding to various topics. If people find your way of thinking unique and interesting, they will likely to be interested in your other thoughts in your other articles as well. Thus, giving your website / blog a better chance to gain more traffic and audience.

Appreciating before appreciated

Most writers / bloggers expect appreciation on their works (or articles), but sometimes they forgot to appreciate others’. If we want to be appreciated well, we must learn how to appreciate well first.

Comments are just the right tool to express appreciation toward others’ works. If you find some articles interesting or useful, share your complement then. If you are disagreeing with them, express your arguments rationally. If you express it right, the feedback, either positive or negative, will also be right. Right means more constructive traffic.

Expecting to receive before giving is not wise surely; if you want to receive more appreciation and traffic, give first.

Broadening your horizon

Giving comments in various articles in various topics will train your brain to deal with plenty of different topics. It will broaden your horizon of thinking by providing stimulation to response in various conditions. Everyone can make some use of better and wiser methods of thinking, I believe.

Don’t be afraid to read and give comments to articles that you are not familiar yet, since they are the ones that will broaden your scope the most.

I personally love to read articles in a topic that I have never been reading one, it feels like stepping your feet in a land that you have never been before. First experience is always exciting, always.

Refreshing your mind

Some bloggers are too much focusing themselves to write their own genuine articles, and forgot to relax for a moment and refresh their mind sometimes. Reading others’ articles and giving comments is a marvelous method to refresh your mind, gaining more freshness to your next article.

Exercising your brain’s nerves by “stretching” it a little bit will also re-structure your points of thought, enabling you to form a better rational support on your next article’s framework.

So, are they good enough reasons for you not to let the comments fields blank? Feel free to share your thoughts.