Why You Should Never Delay

OpeningOnce, there was a very clever prince in ancient China. He said to himself: "Once I become the king, I will build smooth roads all over my kingdom. And all my people will remember me as a great king. And my name will shine everlastingly." Then his father the king grew old, he asked his son to replace him. He told his son to make the kingdom more prosperous. So the prince became the king. He still remember his plan. But he delayed it, as becoming a king is much fun for him. As the new king was fond of beautiful girls, he made the kingdom's most beautiful girls his harem. And at the same time, he made them serve his sexual appetite day and night. So 5 years went by, a Mongolian invasion was launched to conquer the kingdom. Unfortunately it was successful, the kingdom was torn apart. The king died, and his plan was buried along with him.

What we can learn from this story is when we delay and delay something, audience. It will eventually never be done.
We have to understand that chances do not came twice. If we plan something, and we plan to do it later, it's already an act of delay. These act, if performed frequently, will transform itself into a behavior, which is significantly harder to change consciously. The cause is the difference between their classes; a single act is committed based on conscious motivation, while a behavior is not based on consciousness, but more to natural instinct. We have to be careful here, as our wish to be better can actually make us worse, if we keep delaying the improvement. Delaying things is certainly not a good habit. Unless you are fond of delayed flights ;]

Nobody can change the past, right? Can we alter the future? Nobody can do that. What actually we can do is always at present time. If we have some plan to get better jobs next year, are we sure that we will still alive by that time? Are we still qualified to get it? Are we still young enough? A missed chance in the past will only be regret. When you met a chance, there is no way of telling when will the same chance comes to you again, if you do not take it by now. So if you want to do something, don't wait and wait and wait. Chances are limited, so use it wisely. Because when the particular chance leaves you, it may not comeback forever. It's certainly not like your lover who keeps knocking on your door and sends you sms ;p

However, evading acts of delay does not justify us of rushing blindly. Blitzkrieg without preparation is suicidal. We have to note that there are things we can do right away. And there are also things that we can't do right now, for example: I really want to be a taxi driver, but I have no driving license. I can't be a taxi driver now, can I? Does this mean my plan must be delayed? Does this mean that in some cases, delaying is acceptable? No it is not! Being a taxi driver needs preparation such as getting a driving license. And that is exactly I must do now, preparing. Without a good preparation, the plan will certainly fail. So beside do it now, we may not forget to do it wisely, step by step. One step at a time and we will be just fine. If you have four legs you can have two steps at a time of course ;D

Let me tell you a silly but valuable experience of mine. I always believe that if we want to make a change in our life, we have to do it right now. So did I, back when I decided to actively doing online activity, in my university college. It was a raining Wednesday, I had a class at 11AM. But since it was raining I could not attend the class. The rain got lighter an hour later. I was in my room, thinking on what should I do in my life. I had a strong will in online activity and business. but I didn't had enough instrument to support it. I had a good computer, but I have no internet connection, which requires modem, and internet service provider(ISP). Then this idea flashed inside my head like a conversation between me and myself:
"Hey, actually I can afford the instrument I need with my savings. I can buy a 3.5G modem and a Sim/Usim card for the modem. I can do this!"
"But I'm still on my final paper's preparation. May be it's better to wait until I graduate"
"Wait, wait.. This is my chance to make a big change in my life. If I delay it now, I will keep delaying it all the time. Everyone always has something to do. I will have something to do after I graduate too. There is no difference. I have to run the my plan now. It's now or never"
Then I decided to take all my savings of about 140$. I rid my motorcycle toward a computer store, under a light rain. I bought my first 3.5G modem for 115$. Then I went to an internet service provider office to buy an 3.5G internet Sim card and get some official information about it. Unfortunately all of the card was sold out, but the front desk gave me an address of their another branch nearby, in case I want to check there. So I went to look for the address, but I couldn't find it. I looked for it one more time, it was not there. I stop by to check a computer shop nearby in case they had the card. I entered their small office, asking for the card. And I had this funny conversation with a middle-aged woman:
"Excuse me, do you sell 3.5G internet Sim card?"
"Why don't you try to ask the computer shop next door?"
"A computer shop next door? Well, if the computer shop is next door, then what office is this?"
"This is only the warehouse."
OMG I entered the wrong door, my face turned red. This is ridiculous, their building had two front doors, left and right. And there's a box car between the doors, limiting the visibility of each door, which made me think that the shop had only one door in the left side. Then I entered the right door. So I asked some question to the front desk:
"Excuse me, do you have any starter pack of Broom (the name of the Sim card)?"
"What is that? I don't know such thing."
"It is a Sim card which is commonly used in 3.5G internet modem. It was made by 3.5G ISPs, enabling the modem to connect to the ISPs' server."
"Oh I see. I believe we don't have one."
It was really silly, I went to a computer store, asking for an internet device, but I needed to explain about it first to the owner. May be I should run that store, instead of her. Then I continued my journey. I searched all along the given street address, but it seemed that the branch office was never there. And later on, I knew that the address was incomplete, that was why I couldn't find the office winking smileys

I continued to travel toward another branch office in the center of my city, and it was in a galaxy far far way from my position at that time. When I arrived there, I saw an announcement saying that the Sim card I need was sold out too. And there was an announcement about the locations of the card's reseller. Then I went to visit one of the resellers. Surprisingly, the location was only about a quarter mile from the computer store which I bought my modem earlier. And I finally got the Sim card I needed. I bought it for 15$, which provided me with a 256 kbps internet connections for the whole next month, with unlimited quote. It was so annoying that I went everywhere on the city but yet I got the card only a quarter mile from the computer shop where I bought my modem before, I was about to explode cool smileys

Actually, there were plenty of times when I wanted to give up in getting the card, I was so exhausted for riding my motorcycle back and forth for more than 1,5 hours with no result, but I knew that if I quit, all my effort will be useless. I'm happy I didn't give up, as it was worthy the struggle. I really enjoyed my 256 kbps connection, as it was more than enough for me to write anything and post anywhere on the web. If gave up in the middle, probably you wouldn't have been reading this by now. Hey, who told you to laugh at my slow bandwidth :D

And last but not least, a clever person is not the one who has the most experiences. A clever one is the one who can learn from others' experiences as good as if they are his own. Have a nice day.