Why You Should Find Good Reasons For Everything

OpeningOnce, in a far far away village, a thief tried to steal some bread in the middle of the night. The village in which he tried to steal is a very prosperous one. In the process, unfortunately (or fortunately), he was caught on the action by some guarding villagers. They punched and kicked him. Then they interrogated him. They asked him:
"Why are you doing this?!"
The scared thief answered quickly:
"I'm sorry, but I have my reason, I will explain. I have no job, I have no money and my family is starving. I have no option."
Then, the villagers felt sorry for the thief, since they lived in a very prosperous village which never experience any starvation. Then they decided to give some bread and also, offer him a job. The next morning, the thief brought all his family to move to the village, as he was to start his new job there.

This story is very realistic image of mankind, audience. Whatever they do, whenever they do, they always have reasons for their action, even for their criminal ones.
Wise men said: "to reason is human". The thief tried to steal for a reason, and the villager caught him and then surprisingly helped him for reasons too. Reasoning is one of our best ability as mankind, which can be used for good, bad, or something in between. Well some husbands actually have excusing skill as good as their reasoning skill, especially to their wife innocent smileys

What is a reason? A reason is our primary motivation which encourage us to behave or do something particular. Good/rational reason will supply us with a massive psychological energy source, which we can manage to do any of our bidding, either good or evil. It's like a fuel for our engine. If we give a bad fuel to our engine, it won't run well, moreover it will break down. Just like our self, if we have a bad reason, or may be not good enough, we won't be succeed, or succeed but not 100%. Because our consciousness is not on it's peak working efficiency. It will surely happen on any field we encounter: as our instinct does not really want it, some of it will reject it. Why would we do something we don't want, even animal won't do it. A good reason is needed in every part of human's daily action. But not everyone can find a good reason for themselves. May be they just can't see it yet rolleye smileys

Some people don't actually know what they actually want. I did. (NOTE: I'm an active internet writer, so my experience might closely related into web activities) Back then before my online depression, I set up a fast internet connection. Then I wanted to have a blog, just for fun. But then I know that such thing can give me money. Then I started to hunt money all the time, I did everything for money, including dirty tricks and hacks. I made sites only for a dummy covering my real deeds. I got some money, but it didn't satisfy myself. There was something missing in my life. There was something wrong. I was wrong. I violate others' trust upon me, and they didn't wish to cooperate with me. I was so pathetic. I got depressed. I looked on my computer time through time, I didn't know what to do, or what I want to do. I didn't have a reason strong enough to motivate me to do anything. These got to be stopped I said. I wanted to have a better life as better person. Then a little bird came and give me a very good reason: helping others. When this thought flashed on my head, I felt comfortable. My heart felt warm. My consciousness was aroused, I will be a better man if I am useful for others. I will help them, for free. And then, boom, here I am writing this article. So the point is we have to find out what is our best motivating reason, and stick to it before we have a better one. However, if we have a better reason, we will do better. I don't mean that having better reasons justifies you for visiting adult sites :D

If we don't have any good reason to do anything we do now, don't rush to get another activity/job. Take a deep breath, relax, and think about it more closely. May be we aren't having bad reasons at all, may be we just can't see/realize it yet. Think, where will we go if we leave our current activity? Do we have a better option than this? Think about what we are good at, what we want to be good at, what we think we can be good at, how flexible is our limitation, how is our chance to break through it, and our ability to adapt and learn something new. If we think we can do it, do it. Don't forget that different person posses different talent and interest. If we're stuck in our position now, and there's no chance we can be better in another field, then we actually have enough reason to stay already. Avoiding something worse is just as good as getting something better. Or at least better than does not have any reason at all :D

Let me tell you something, when I start doing online activities, I was a university student learning English literature. It was my 8th semester and I felt uninterested in academic literature. I felt bored, as if I didn't really want it. My father was an English teacher and I'm quite talented in English. But I was not too interested in teaching or academic things. When I was introduced to blogging, site hosting, online business, etc, I knew that it was my future path. At that moment, I had absolutely no basic of web programming. But I knew I can learn about it. Then I decided to take some courses starting from web design, where I learned about HTML programming etc. And guess what, I feel so interested on the course, 180 degrees from my college study. At that moment, I knew I have to keep struggling here. So plenty of events directed me here. I didn't end up here in a single day.

If money is the primary reason of yours, then I can assure you, you won't get far. I realize money is important, none can life easily without money. Money can give you many things. But that doesn't make money the most important thing in the world. Money should only be a mean, a device to reach something else, such as happiness. If money is our final goal, then we will always try to get them as many as we can. Even after we pile a mountain of money, we won't enjoy it, as we will want to collect more and more. it's like drinking sea water, the more we drink, the thirstier we are. Greed for money will corrupt us, poisoning our mind with any means to get money, including the dirty ones. We might end up buying a gun with silencer then shoot anyone in a dark corner without others' consent, just to take his/her money. Is that what we really want? Eventually, we will end up becoming slaves of money, which is no better than animal ploughing a field. Your dog is much better than a slave, even though you never take it to a bath confused smileys

However, a good reason for someone is not always a good reason for others. Just like the thief, as soon as he felt he had got enough reason to steal, he stole; though the reason was not acceptable by the villagers. Good reason for the thief, bad reason for the villager, and vice-verse. Difference is a part of our world, I know it well. People have different ways of thinking, which results in different reasoning. I have my reason of doing things, but I will not force my reason to you. As far as I know, real man respects others' opinion, so I won't improve myself until I learn to respect your opinion. So you can have any reason you want to do anything you like, you can even make money your religion. You can freely make money, fame, or even sex as your life 's final goal. It's 200% up to you. I won't stand in your way, I don't like such thing, not my style. But in case you want to know my opinion you know where to look for. Unless if you don't confused smileys

We can't transform from a mess into a 100% reasonable and highly motivated person in one day. I can't do it, since I'm just a human. If you're a superhuman, you might be able to do it. But what we can do is trying to work on our motivating reason step by step. Day by day we should try to learn something new about our natural drive. We should think about experiences we've been through. These hard learned lessons will help us in generating a rational reason, which will supply us with enough metaphysical support to do whatever we do, as we will need them in facing upcoming day and challenging future.

Alas, to die is not to leave this world . To die is to live without any reason to stay in this world. Good day.