: Social Media and News

Hi! To be a good and successful blogger, we need to keep improving our knowledge more and more, true? This term of ‘knowledge’ here definitely includes many branches. One of them is the ability to learn and understand the situation-condition around us (e.g.: market trends). Local, national, and global changes are capable of bringing vast impact for our activities including blogging. For example, the present global recession is strongly influencing giant industries (definitely along with smaller ones) and the cleave is splashed to online market as well. Therefore, it is advised that we bloggers learn to be always aware of massive social events and world news as such.

Folks, social media can positively help us about it. One of them that enables us to socialize and keep ourselves update of Daily News at the same time is Thoughts ( It is a 100% free online blog community with added features including unlimited bandwidth, photo, video and podcast sharing, community forums and live news discussions. It started as a place for people to share their thoughts online and now it has quickly developed into an online community of bloggers around the globe.

Here is the example of activities people usually do on

* Create Blog Posts
* Share Photos & Videos
* Share Music Files & Podcasts
* Post in the Forums
* Discuss Current News
* Meet New People

If you are a lover of social networking, you can try joining to socialize and discuss about recent trends with other bloggers like you. Of course, it is no secret that you can also introduce your brand to people there, as an effective web marketing strategy.