How To Deliver Strong Value

Valuable contents make your website’s reputation. You put some there, your website becomes famous. You put none there, your website becomes forgotten. This can go viral as well; visitors will come back bringing their friends, if they like your website. Of course, vice verse applies. The real deal is how to deliver strong value to our visitors? Read on then.

Here is a simple definition to start: good contents are contents that are useful to your visitors. In other words, they have to deliver some value to someone somewhere.

The values of contents themselves are ranging from weak to strong one. Strong value delivers the real impact to traffic increasement, contrary to the weak one.

The definitions of strong and weak value itself are sometimes in a blurry fog. However, according to Steve Pavlina, weak value means that the contents are helpful to people but not long lasting, like one time help. In the other hand, strong value means that the contents can change someone’s life, and the effect is long lasting.

Weak values are usually more realistic, and something that is easy applied. Like how to, tips and tricks, DIY, etc. While strong values are mostly a little bit more absurd, imaginary, and harder to apply. Such as self-development, leadership, soft skills, etc.

Sometimes people wonder how to deliver strong value, it seems very hard but also very easy. Here is the key: just keep trying to deliver value, and do not think about the level of your value itself. Do everything your can to help others and soon or later, you will be able to deliver strong value.

As creating strong value is much harder than the weaker one, the process certainly takes time. Just like a small child, who has to learn to crawl before walking. Same as in blogging, bloggers must learn to how to deliver weak value before being able to deliver the stronger one.

Persistence became an important thing here, as lacking of it can stop a blogger from reaching success. Being persistent is not by working hard full of spirit to reach the goal all the time. People face slumps sometimes, a period where their productivity gets lower and lower, and that is a common thing. That is the situation where persistence counts, not giving up even in the hardest time. You can run, walk, crawl, or rest, but you must not stop; the journey must go on.

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