Related Post Widget for Blogger

Blogger LogoHello! A few days ago, a friend of mine asked about how to add a related post widget to Blogger powered blogs. This idea of related posts are very familiar in WordPress platform, but on the contrary in Blogger. But I'm not saying that it is impossible, just quite complicated perhaps. Well, it solely depends on what kind of trick you are going to use use, because there are a few techniques to accomplish that.

One of the related posts best hack I have ever known is posted by BloggingTips. If you are interested in related post for Blogger, I suggest check the article here.

The post explains that there are five methods to create a related post widget s for Blogger:

Related posts by Categories – List in Sidebar
Related Posts by Categories – List Beneath Post
Related Posts Widget – Beneath Posts
Related Posts Plugin for Blogger – Beneath Article
Related Posts With No External JavaScript

Feel free to try them folks :D